Sick Truth Behind Canadian School Kids Singing Muslim Song

Source: Remember that viral video of Canadian children singing a Muslim “welcome” song? Learn the sick TRUE STORY behind the music – The Rebel

You must have seen that video of Canadian kids singing an Arabic song, supposedly to welcome Syrian refugees. It went viral around the world.

It turned out that the children weren’t really performing for migrants. It was just a regular kid’s concert by an Ottawa school.

But here’s what’s important. It wasn’t just an “Arabic” song, as Justin Trudeau called it in an approving tweet. It’s a Muslim song.

First, isn’t it kind of weird that a secular public school is teaching kids a religious Muslim song?

Second: The idea of the song is that it is being sung to welcome Mohammed to Medina after he fled Mecca. So it is a song about migration.

Except that after Medina welcomed Mohammed — the first Muslim refugee, you might say — he killed all the Jewish men and enslaved the women.

And Justin Trudeau just loved it that song