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What does “Turning Away From God” mean?

TURNING AWAY FROM GOD How does turning away from God begin. It has been the same for Israel as it is now for America. It started in America by taking God out of schools. This began in the United States in the year 1960. In America the words “separation of church and state” simply do […]

The United Nations is not part of America!!!!!!

The United Nations is not part of America. It is not a democracy! It is truly amazing that many Americans feel it is “good” simply because it physically exists in America. It has a lot of very evil people in it (mostly muslims or dictators) and has never really done much of anything. It does […]

What’s A Dhimmi?

A definition of Dhimmi is as follows: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhimmi In order to distract Gruberized (i.e. stupid) American Voters, the DFL, (now known as Dhimmi’s For Lucifer), based on their platform vote which was strongly anti-God, have released a DFL controlled report concerning the just post 911 CIA attempts to gain information from captured Muslims: http://pamelageller.com/2014/12/democrat-jihad-against-america.html/ http://freedomoutpost.com/2012/09/democrats-are-officially-godless/ […]

Biggest media lies about the caravan crisis:

Biggest media lies about the caravan crisis: 1) mostly women and children 2) mostly valid asylum seekers  3) no known criminals  4) wont make it to the border  5) no external organizers  6) troop deployment not helpful 7) no threat to US personnel This was an invasion on our agents, and on our country. That’s why […]


66 Independent Books– history, poetry, prophecy, wisdom literature, letters. 40 Different Writers- no collaboration – shepherds, fishermen, doctors, kings, prophets, and others 1500 Years of Writing 3 Different Languages- Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic 3 Separate Continents -Africa, Europe, Asia 1 Common Story Line – the creation, fall, and redemption of God’s people; a common theme — […]