The initial part of this publication includes America’s only Prophet Jonathan Cahn’s book “The Harbinger”, showing the correlation between Israel and America in the response to terrorism such as 911.
Rabbi Cahn has gone on with another book called “The Paradigm” also available on Amazon and Cahn’s own site, (,} showing the exact correlation between America, it’s leaders, versus Israel and it’s leaders in the past, actually revealing names from the past and comparing them to personages of this time in history with great detail.
Cahn defines a paradigm as a pattern, model, template, prototype, examplar, or an archetype. However, he primarily uses the word template to describe a paradigm.
Much of the following illustrates “The End of America and consists of many aspects of America and Israel, some taken directly or indirectly from Rabbi Cahn’s book, “The Paradigm” available as listed in the above paragraph.
Cahn describes in great detail how the events of the last several Presidents of the United States and other heirarchy show exact characteristics to events which happened in the Middle East centuries ago.
Prophetic utterances are often regarded in a superficial manner or completely disregarded. This is, of course, historically exemplified and one can simply view, as an example, the Old Testament Scripture of Jeremiah. Nearly all prophecies also include a warning.
The book, “The Paradigm” is a severe warning for America, which will most likely be ignored. Jeremiah in the first covenant/Old Testament is often called “The Weeping Prophet” because he cried as he prophesied, knowing he would be ignored and the people would continue in their evil ways ending in the destruction of Israel and its subjugation to Babylon.
The Apostle Paul says 1Co 10:11 “These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come”. Paul is referring to Israel turning away from God by taking on immorality just as America is turning away from God.
Rabbi Cahn explains the word “examples” taken from the Greek is “tupas” which can be translated as pattern, model or paradigm. “Template” is another translation of this word.
Why is Israel involved? Because the Creator God, the One True God, the Three in One God, The Great “I Am”, the God Too Great to be Named, YHVH, picked Abraham to be the first Israelite. To be a nation to set the pattern for the world as the chosen ones of God is not at all necessarily a wonderful thing. Israel is the example, the paradigm nation, the pattern or model to show God’s goodness. Israel is the nation for the entire World to look to as a model also showing God’s punishment when said nation turned away from Him worshiping evil false gods, even offering their children on altar’s to obtain more/better choices in life.
Democrat James Zogby’s Jihad Against Israel