Islam is not a religion

Islam is a political ideology. A way of life.  Islam consists of writings other than the Koran. The Koran is estimated to be only about 14% of the total beliefs of Islamists.


The traditions (called Hadith’s-plural) of Mohammed are considered in Eastern ways as to be followed entirely by those who profess Islam as a “religion”. It is not of course as stated above. It does not meet any criteria that comprise all other religions existing on this earth. The Haddith or traditions of Islam comprise about 60% of Islamist beliefs.  A remaining amount near 26% consists of the Sira which consists of Mohammed’s life.

The result is a Trilogy: The Koran, The Haddith, and the Sira. This contrasts dramatically with the Trilogy of the “Christian” belief system: Father God, Jesus the Christ God, and Holy Spirit God as One God.