One of the most iconic scenes from the AMC drama “Breaking Bad” was the murder of Hank Schrader. Schrader was a DEA agent lying on the ground as a neo-Nazi gang leader pointed a gun at him. Hank’s brother-in-law, Walter White, a brilliant chemistry teacher turned meth cook, frantically pleaded for Hank’s life. Hank looked at Walter and said with resigned contempt: “You’re the smartest guy I ever met. And you’re too stupid to see he made up his mind 10 minutes ago.” Hank then turned to the neo-Nazi, said “do what you’re going to do,” and immediately received a bullet in the brain.

Hank could have been speaking to America’s Republican, conservative, and libertarian establishment instead of Walter White. So many seem unconcerned—even gleeful—at the theft of the presidential election, even though it means handing over power to people who appear to have little regard—but a fair amount of contempt—for the nation, its laws, its heritage, its uniqueness. They have a false sense of security that “it” can’t happen here. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote in the Gulag Archipelago:

There always is this fallacious belief it would not be the same here; here such things are impossible … Alas, all the evil of the twentieth century is possible everywhere on earth.

Even though our national government was conceived in brilliance, it has not been properly defended, and over time, minor flaws have been increasingly exploited and magnified. The process is now so far advanced that we may be looking down the barrel of an existential gun. If Joe Biden is sworn in as president, Jacobins will have grasped control of our government. And, as is the case with most Jacobin regimes, their hold on us will not be a light one. They speak of “transforming” and “restructuring”; these are fearful words in the mouths of leftists. And if they were open to reason, they would not be Jacobins.

We are told that winning the Georgia Senate elections will hold the line against this leftist predation, and of course we must act on that assumption and vote for the Republicans. But it is not certain that even victory will provide much consolation. The Republican majority will be slim, and few Republican senators qualify as serious “freedom fighters.” Many of them, their pockets lined with corporate money, are drooling at the prospect of reopening our borders and providing a path to citizenship for future Democrat voters. And look at how quickly the current Republican-majority Senate—with Trump assumed to be out of the way—returned to pork barrel mode after the November election.

Furthermore, holding the line is no longer enough; we need to push back against the outrages that have already been foisted on us, especially the corruption of our electoral process and security agencies. Unless voter fraud and Deep State manipulation are stopped, the presidential electoral theft of 2020 will be the model for Senate seats in 2022. With that, the Jacobins will gain total control.

Too many of our leaders still think that the bad guy holding the gun can be reasoned with. The “Happy Warrior” approach of Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh, in which it was assumed that we will prevail as long as we remain positive and of good character, was a thing of beauty. Sadly, that approach is insufficient in the face of the left’s grim-faced, win-at-all-costs determination. If it were enough, we would have already righted the ship of state. Instead, we are hanging by a finger-hold before falling into the abyss of Jacobin transformation. The current state of affairs shows what we can expect more of in the future:

  • The coronavirus pandemic has been used to bankrupt small businesses, undermine traditions, disrupt education, corrupt the electoral process, and initiate dependence on government handouts by segments of the population that once prided themselves on their independence. We should anticipate other such “national emergencies” to follow.
  • The rule of law is becoming a mockery; from ignored immigration laws to sanctuary cities to police standing down during riots to giving high ranking Democrats and Deep State operatives a “pass” for high crimes. How far will the anarchy advance? It may be that order will only be restored when we are so set upon we willingly give up our civil liberties to a heavy-handed authority.
  • The growing attack against “whiteness” and elevation of various minorities to preferred status is no minor matter. Only fifty years separated Jim Crow laws and, for example, school policies that mandate disciplinary punishments based on race. What logically follows when one demographic group is officially demonized and others are told that all of their failures are because of the existence of the first group?
  • The last point is especially worrisome since we may be partnering with a foreign power that is conducting various campaigns of repression and genocide: against Tibetans, against Uighurs, against non-approved Christians, and against the Falun Gong. The Chinese intrusion into our economyacademia, and government is beyond alarming. That Joe Biden—whose personal and family connections to China should disqualify him for even a minimal security clearance—will be the nominal head of our government is a travesty.
  • Corporatist Jacobins have captured the public dialogue, using media and internet communications to promote propaganda and limit alternate views. The standard media outlets—newspapers, radio, and television—have long been conjoined with the political left (with a few exceptions). The internet initially permitted the free exchange of ideas and enabled dissenters to spread their messages and organize. Now that the Big Tech’s friends are running the country, free exchange will likely be being choked off and public discussion reduced to a choice between “left” and “lefter.”
  • Most worrisome of all is the integrity of our elections. Process is irrelevant when cheating is openly permitted, and our voting birthright has been steadily eroded by immigration, and we just witnessed a remarkably audacious theft of a presidential election on a grand scale—with Republican complicity. Surely a political party that just won by employing massive voter fraud cannot be expected to conduct future elections honestly. After the November election, who is so naïve as to believe that Democrats are honest agents in our political arena?

All of these negative trends and many more have advanced to a troubling degree in the last few decades; with a Biden administration, they will advance much further. Even without China’s involvement, our future could resemble Venezuela’s, where a popularly elected leftist government used fraud and intimidation to fabricate a permanent majority and has reduced that country to nightmare status.

Much of America’s liberty-oriented intelligentsia keep talking as if the loss of the election is just a temporary setback, that it’s still 2010 and the Senate can play “rope-a-dope” until we win the next time. They should instead be sounding the alarm that, without serious action, we could be headed for vassal state status to a hegemonic, genocidal, totalitarian power. Or spiraling down into Third World conditions, with a privileged elite and their minions reducing the majority to beggary.

These members of the right-leaning establishment are all so smart, and yet they’re so stupid, leading us to the point at which the nation stares down the barrel of a gun held by those who hate us. Just like poor Hank Schrader.