Top 50 Praise & Worship Songs 2015 Non Stop 3hrs 20mins

By Keygar


How easy was it for the thief who was crucified along with Jesus Christ, to be saved from hell and find a place in heaven when he died?

Did he attend a church? Did he give money to the church? Did he speak in tongues? Did he belong to numerous charitable groups? Did he impress God with his goodness? Did he never sin or do wrong? Did he hold a position of leadership? Was he rich? Was he respected? Did he serve on the mission fields? Did he have a ministry? Did he have a miraculous gift? Was he a genius? Was he from a high class family? Was he honest? Did he lead an exemplary life? Did he punish himself and flog himself with whips? Did he convert others to Christianity? Was he special in some way? Was he perfect? Did he go to confession? Did he strap a bomb to himself and kill unbelievers to impress his god? Did he meditate day and night to find spiritual enlightenment? Did he chant a mantra, become one with the universe through mysticism and crystals? Do yoga? Become a member of a church? Was he a celebrity? Did he pray to statues, animals, mountains, the land or ancestors? Did he pray to the sun, the moon or other celestial bodies? Did he defeat all his addictions, problems, shortcomings, fears and weaknesses? Did he pray to allah, mohammad, the deli lama, buddha, mary or the pope?


All he did to be saved and given eternal life in heaven was to decide he believed in Jesus. How did he do that?

As he and Jesus were dying along side each other he said to Jesus “remember me in your kingdom”. By saying that, he acknowledged that Jesus was the Son of God and inferred that he believed Jesus. Jesus immediately said to him “this day you will be with me in paradise”.

That’s all anyone has to do to be saved, just believe in Jesus Christ. Just believe in Him as a child believes in their parents, as a player believes in their coach, as a loving wife believes in her husband, as a student believes in their teacher. Not just believe that Jesus Christ existed, but actually believe in Him and everything He said and stood for. How easy is that?


(Luke 23:43)

(Acts 16:30-31)

(Romans 10:13)

(Matthew 10:32)