Rev. Franklin Graham couldn’t disagree more with President Barack Obama’s declaration of Friday’s Supreme Court ruling as being a “victory for America,” contending the commander-in-chief will be judged for leading the nation’s moral defeat.

Friday’s landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’ on a national scale spurred Billy Graham’s son to reflect on the president’s tireless pursuit to make homosexual behavior mainstream in America, asserting that he will be held responsible for leading the country on its sinful course.

“God will judge him and us as a nation if we don’t repent,” the younger Graham posted on his Facebook page.

Change is indeed upon us …

Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), then agreed with a proclamation Obama made at a White House Gay Pride event shortly before the ruling.

“’There has been an incredible shift in attitudes across the country,’” Graham quoted Obama, noting that he was categorically right, before clarifying that the shift was nothing to celebrate. “But it is definitely not a shift for the good of America.”

The North Carolina-based Christian leader explained that the changes taking place in America are indicative of its falling away from God, which will invoke its demise as a nation.

“The shift in attitudes he refers to is the moral decline we are seeing manifest daily around us,” Graham wrote, referring to Americans’ growing proclivity to embrace a Leftist immoral agenda — rather than stand by God’s moral code.

He noted that Americans are now not only tolerating behaviors declared as sin in the Bible — they are celebrating them, while encouraging those who have led the revolt against biblical morality to keep up the “good” fight for “equality.”

“Accepting wrong as right — accepting sin as something to be proud of — yes, that’s definitely a shift,” Graham stressed.

The world-renowned American evangelist then repeated Obama’s earlier declaration of thanks to the LGBT community for transforming the moral fabric of the U.S.

“A lot of what we’ve accomplished over these last six and a half years has been because of you,” Obama told homosexual activists who have been successfully lobbying the White House to enforce their agenda nationwide.

Billy Graham’s son went on to remark that the president’s gratitude and attribution given to the sexual libertine movement is anything but a shocker.

“Should we be surprised that he thanked the LGBT community for all that they had helped him accomplish during his time as president?” he rhetorically asked.

While championing his administration’s ongoing effort to forward the LGBT agenda, Obama touted the fact he raised the number of states that legalized same-sex marriage from two when he was inaugurated as president in 2009 to 37 just before Friday’s  SCOTUS decision to legalize it nationwide. Graham concluded that this accomplishment the president boasted about will ultimately result in disaster for all Americans in one shape or form.

“The President is leading this nation on a sinful course, and God will judge him and us as a nation if we don’t repent,” the leader of BGEA warned.

Championing liberty … or rationalizing sin?

SCOTUS Justice Anthony M. Kennedy declared the reasoning behind the 5-to-4 decision, claiming that a right to homosexual marriage is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

“No longer may this liberty be denied,” Kennedy wrote, representing the majority’s ruling. “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”

Agreeing with Kennedy, Obama argued that the decision was nothing less than a monumental win for a new “civil rights movement.”

“[The decision is a] victory for America,” Obama announced. “When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free.”

Ignoring the writing on the wall next door

Back in 2005, neighboring Canada started federally mandating same-sex marriage — one year after Massachusetts became the first state in the U.S. to legalize the controversial union in 2004. Warning about the changes that would take place north of the border beginning in 2005, Graham predicted that the freedom of speech, religion and press would decline on a grand scale, alerting America that the same would be experienced if it took the same path.

Recently, the global evangelist updated America about the federally enforced persecution Canadians now face for holding to their family values rooted in the Bible concerning “gay” marriage.

“[In Canada] if you say or write anything questioning same-sex marriage, you could face discipline, termination of employment or prosecution by the government!” Graham recently expressed on his Facebook page before the SCOTUS ruling, according to the Christian Post. “We need to realize that if our Supreme Court makes same-sex marriage the law in the United States, we will be in the same boat.”

The outspoken evangelical leader then warned that America will soon embark into a new era of diminishing liberties that should be protected by the Constitution, particularly when it comes to religious expression concerning same-sex marriage and family values.

“Will the next step be to ban us from speaking God’s truth from His Word about this issue?” Graham asked.