What if there really ‘is’ a specific plan to transform America into an Islamic nation by 2020?

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The author of the new Christian suspense novel “Invasion 2020” answers that question and looks at what could be going on “behind the scenes” with a captivating story based on a “myriad of facts” woven in along with the fiction!

An “awakening” began on September 11th, 2001 and it was the first of “Al-Qaeda’s 7-phase” plan.  Combine Christian fiction, facts on “Islamic terrorism, political intrigue, suspense, and even romance,” and add compelling characters caught in a web of “media and government deception,” and you’ve got “Invasion 2020!”


Long before the Paris attacks, or the San Bernadino couple had gone on their rampage or the Philly policeman had been shot by a Muslim man while shouting “Allahu Akbar,” the author could see into the future.

The idea of America becoming an Islamic State has never been taken seriously. But just look at Europe: In less than two months, Germany has been flooded with more than a million Muslims, most of them military-age men posing as refugees and wreaking havoc on the native citizens -raping young girls, destroying refugee asylum centers, demanding money and free housing, and even worse, disappearing into the general population with no way to track them. And there’s no end in sight to this European mass migration.

Think it can’t happen in America? Barack Hussein Obama has been importing tens thousands of unvetted third world Muslims EVERY YEAR for the past 7 years, using UPS planes and other federal/commercial transport under the dark of night. He is dumping them mainly in Bible-belt and Conservative Red states where the majority will spend their lives on welfare. Some come with multiple wives (legal in Islam) and large litters of children. No way to know how many of them are ISIS or al-Qaeda sleeper cells or lone-wolf terrorists.

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