America was founded by Jews and Christians, often referred to as  “Judaic/Christian” in working together.. The Three-In-One God’s book is called the Holy Bible and has what is called the Old Testament by Christians and Messianic Jews or the Tanakh by Orthodox Jews. A Messianic Jew is a Jew who understand Jesus (English), Y’shua (Hebrew) came first as the final blood sacrifice and will come again as a Lion. Many Messianic Jews are also Rabbi’s, which simply means “teacher”.

Israel and America are the only two nations on earth to ever be dedicated to God.

Israel is referred to by God as a “light to the nations” in Isaiah 49:6, which seems to include being an example. if it fell short as a nation in following the laws of a Holy God. The entire world looks to America as an example too.

Israel turned away from God. God send Prophets and messengers to them in an attempt to restore them to walking with Him as He wished. They did not, and after multiple attempts and much mercy, God had to discipline them, by using terrorists. After the attack which showed God had withdrawn his protection the hierarchy and rulers of Israel were quoted by Isaiah in chapter 9:10 and 911: Isa 9:10 “The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.” See verses before and after. Isa. 9:10. These are words of defiance, pride and arrogance. This was warning number one to Israel, who as a nation, had turned away from God.

These exact words were spoken by ignorant politicians after 911 in America:

Isa 9:10 was quoted on America’s 911 anniversary by John Edwards.

Isa. 9:10 was quoted (unknowingly) by Barrack Hussein Obama just after his election – He said “We will rebuild. We will recover. We will be stronger than before”.

These words – “We will rebuild” were spoken by the mayor of New York, the state’s senior Senator, the Governor, the state’s junior Senator.

Note: The consecration of America took place by George Washington at St. Paul’s cathedral a few feet from the World Trade Center, (not Washington, D.C.). It was not damaged during 911,- called “a miracle”, and protected by a sycamore tree. It was replaced by a stronger “erez ” tree and called  the “Tree of Hope” but it withered away. It was replaced, but it withered away. A hedge of “erez” was erected, but it too is slowly withering away starting with the middle and moving outward in both directions. 

The foundation of the Washington monument is now cracked severely due to an earthquake.

2008: Seven years after 911 (seven being the number of completion/perfection in Adonai/Elohim’s eyes), the financial crash involved God’s number in several ways: Seven years post 911, 7% decline. 777 re. stock market decline – this occurrence was also a Harbinger. Satan has been allowed to work because America turned away from the God of its fathers. Keep in mind Barack Obama the Muslim, was also elected seven years post 911.

The Harbinger by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn – published in 2012 covers much of the above. It has been followed by Harbinger II, “The Return”, copyright 2020. The Harbinger II mentions the 911 attack also included the last plane which came against the Pentagon with a plane having the number 77. The first plane came against the towers with the flight number 11. Rabbi Cahn examines the ratio in regard to the numbers as linked to the attack by the enemy.  7 as in 7 days of creation, as in the 7 pointed lampstand in the Tent of Meeting of the Israelites having left the slavery of Egypt, with 7 apparently being the number of completion in the eyes of the Father God.

Madeline Crabb way back in 2014 at writes as follows: “Dear Christian, look around you. If you haven’t seriously assessed the condition of our society in awhile, now is the time to do so. This month marks the 41st anniversary of Roe v Wade that granted women the “right” to abortion. Since that terrible Supreme Court decision, over 55 million babies have been murdered by their mothers and complicit doctors. Television, for the most part, is nothing but a cesspool of legalized pornography and foul language that teaches all forms of immorality, and mocks traditional family values and Christianity. And while homosexuals number a very small minority in America, their lewd behavior and lifestyles are shoved in our faces every which way – ad nauseam.

Again, salt and light have lost their effectiveness, and now darkness reigns. We who are called by the name of Jesus are responsible. We have failed to do our part either from complacency, or compromise with the world. Others have become afraid to boldly stand for their views – and their God. Regardless of our reasons, if we don’t speak truth about our God and His Word to a dark, lost world, we deny Him. Accordingly, Jesus said that if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before the Father. (Matt. 10: 33) Therein is the problem.

Dear fellow Americans, individually and collectively as a nation, we have turned our backs on God. Consequently, He is turning His back on us and increasingly removing His hand of protection and blessing. We have broken His commandments and gone our own way. We have preferred darkness over light. And now we are reaping what we have sown.

What hope do we have? Can our course be reversed? Only God knows the answers. Let’s pray we haven’t gone too far. And may all Christians who read these words fall upon their knees in repentance for our personal sins, and those of our nation.

(More to come).