Unwrapping Liberal Hypocrisy for Christmas

Each Christmas for the last twenty or so years I have received a Christmas card from a cousin of mine.  She’s a very sweet person who, despite a very humble upbringing, has led a very privileged life.  She is in her late fifties and married to a very computer-smart man who works for one of the Big Tech companies.  She is from the same small town in Massachusetts where I grew up, and she was raised in an old-school Democrat household, which, though still misguided in the era of JFK and LBJ, was at least still America-loving and patriotic back in those days.

I just received this year’s card.  I should note that her Christmas card always contains a two-page, single-spaced synopsis of the year that her family has had… essentially a blog in paper form.  If that sounds like a good idea — a good way of informing family and friends of how things are coming along with you and yours — then you have obviously never received a Christmas card from my cousin.

The synopsis typically is a non-stop “humble brag,” as a buddy of mine would put it.  It’s a way of showing how great things are going for them with just enough faux humility added in to make them appear gracious… barely. This year’s synopsis started out waxing philosophic, and it struck me as a very accurate encapsulation of liberal thinking as a whole; she wrote, “I long for world that puts humanity before lines on a map. I long for a world that admits we’re killing our host. I long for a world alive in the realization that humans, everywhere, are remarkably similar. I long for a world that recognizes an education is about far more than training for a job or vocations…”. It goes on for another line or two, but I think you get the point.

It’s a noxious combination of naïveté, virtue signaling, and simple-minded shortsightedness; essentially, the essence of liberalism today.  I can’t help but break it down.

Line 1: “…a world that puts humanity before lines on a map.” I might point out that the address this card came from is in a wealthy suburb of Seattle, and it prices out on Zillow.com at a cool $1.6 million… or $4,700 per month if you were to try to rent it.  I’m wondering if she considers her property lines just “lines on a map.”  Perhaps she should take in some of the epidemic of homelessness in the Pacific Northwest.  Certainly, she has room for a few dozen tents in her yard.

Line 2: “…a world that admits we’re killing our host.”  For one thing, the use of the word “host” would either mean that she believes the Earth welcomed us in as some sort of guest, which is just weird, or that we are some sort of parasite that has embedded itself in the planet, which actually seems more fitting.  Of course, she’s making a typical virtue-signaling plea for the world to not only accept climate change (formerly global warming until the data did not fit the narrative) as fact but also to accept that the governments we already know to be horribly corrupt are capable of devising the solution… all while she does nothing about the problem, of course.

Line 3: “…a world that recognizes that an education is about far more than training for a job or vocation.”  A) She hasn’t had an actual job since roughly 1995, so… B) she arrogantly assumes that training for a job or vocation is somehow not a valuable pursuit.  I’d note here that her mother was a nurse and her father was a union truck driver.  I’d wonder what they would have to say about her apparent disdain for the working man.

One of my favorite humans Mike Rowe (see Returning the Favor and Dirty Jobs) has been working especially hard over the last several years to help us remember that “jobs and vocations” are actually not only a great way to make a living and provide for your family (often to the point of great personal wealth), but they are also a critical part of the fabric of our nation.  I would opine that any job where one works hard and sweats for a living also contains the makings for one hell of an education; one that doesn’t require six figures worth of student loans to acquire.

The last line of the opening paragraph of my cousin’s diatribe talks about a world that seeks solutions not blame, friends instead of foes. I remember seeing many a post of hers over the last four years that specifically blamed President Trump for nearly every woe the world was experiencing, and that specifically named President Trump as their foe.

My cousin’s way of thinking seems to me to be a perfect illustration of the general thought process of the Left at large; borders are mean (but don’t let any of those people on my property); let’s put the same people who allowed alleged climate change to become a problem (long-time politicians, like Sleepy Joe, for instance) be in charge of fixing said problem; and college is the only way to gain an education, wink wink, and we know exactly how that liberal socialist education is going to go, don’t we!  We don’t want these dirty working illiterates (i.e., Deplorables) to think they’re something special!  As usual, their arrogance and hypocrisy know no bounds.

I suppose the man with all of the solutions to the problems against which my cousin wails is quite possibly going to take the oath of office in about a month, so I’ll be sure to set my timer for the countdown until Creepy Joe and Willie Brown’s girlfriend make the world a much better place.