Those who leave Islam face terrible persecution

Since Muslim immigrants to the West keep rather ungratefully attacking their host nations, isn’t it clear that rather than taking in unlimited numbers of Muslims, we should instead be focusing on those groups they persecute in their countries? Christians and Ex-Muslims as well as Yazidis and Jews, atheists and pagans are all being persecuted by Muslims in Muslim majority nations.

I wrote about Egyptian Hussein Mansour who left Islam when he realised the viciousness of the hate for all non-Muslims which the belief system foists upon its believers from birth, leading, inevitably to violence towards them such as the terrorism of ISIS, Hamas, Al-Quaeda, oppression of non-Muslims, women, children, gays and all those Muslims see as ‘Kuffar’ ( a derogatory term for unbeliever).

Last week I received the following harrowing plea from an Egyptian convert to Christianity . Please read for yourselves. I want to help this person to leave Egypt and reach a better country like Israel or Lebanon where Christians can help him and his Christian girlfriend live in peace. Please read for yourselves and give any amount you can.

“I am Egyptian and I was Muslim and since 2 years I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and christian girl helped me to get baptized and she helped me also to know more about Jesus so I loved her but unfortunately my family knew that so they threaten us that they will kill us and burn us alive and they beaten till I was about to die and they found also address of my Christian fiance and they tried to burn all the building she lived in with her family and she get injured so we ran away from home and we are now hiding from them and we do not have enough money to travel abroad so we need your urgent help because our life is in real danger we want only to live in safe place without fearing from killing .We cannot even pray in church or go to work .we thinking of travel to Lebanon and seek asylum at UNHCR but we do not have enough money so please help us as soon as possible.”

Please click below to donate and share the campaign widely to garner the support he desperately needs: