Pakistani Taliban Targets Christian Women and Children Celebrating Easter (David Wood)

Most people still think of Islam as a religion, a descendent of Abrahamic faiths Judaism and Christianity. However, this illuminating project by Dr Bill Warner Phd. shows just how many Islamic Jihad battles Muslims fought against the Classical World. Muslims were following in Muhammad’s footsteps, fighting battles against the ‘kuffar’ – us, the unbelievers with the purpose being to enslave us, the kuffar. Indians and others have complained that this interactive map doesn’t represent their struggles against Imperialistic Islam – and Bill Warner has asked them to supply the data – since his exhaustive research into the over 600 battles which Muslims fought against the Classical World has been such a long project to compile.

So when Muslims and their apologists want to make you believe that Muslims commit terrible acts of terror out of desperation as a result of OUR Western wars against them – tell them that we are simply protecting ourselves from the violent and imperialistic history of Islam right from its beginnings through to the present day. This is called Jihad, it is a key duty in Islam, and each and every Muslim land today is nothing but part of the Islamic Empire – these lands were once Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Pagan. Muslims captured them through violence, enslaving the native people and forcing them to convert to Islam.


The Quran reads like a manual of unconditional war against non-Muslims”. When ex-Muslims say this – we’d better listen.

M. A. Khan, a Pakistani Ex-Muslim appalled by the truth of Islamic Imperialism offers his rigorous history of Islamic violence and conquest in India, in ‘Islamic Jihad: A History of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery’. Free download here – please take the time to read it as understanding Islam without listening to ex-Muslims, without researching its history and core texts, is futile.