The United Nations is not part of America. It is not a democracy! It is truly amazing that many Americans feel it is “good” simply because it physically exists in America. It has a lot of very evil people in it (mostly muslims or dictators) and has never really done much of anything. It does tend to condemn the nation of Israel routinely, whenever Israel strikes back at the Islam attackers who continually come against it. In addition it has the ideation of Agenda 21 which if enforced would render America completely enslaved to the U.N. See:

The reader would additionally please note:

Since America’s 911, Islam has launched over 4000 terrorist attacks against Israel, but world-wide -over 20,000.,344120#mnetint

There are thousands of End-Time publications available in bookstores and on the Internet. Here are three, which seem to be somewhat revealing:

Epicenter”, Joel C. Rosenberg, Tyndale Publishing, 2006

Mystery of the Priesthood and the Blood”, Perry Stone, Jr, Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries, 2007.

Joel Rosenberg has written a number of books on the End Times which appear prophetic in nature, because much written in his books seems to come true.

Boskey – in his newletter dated Feb. 18, 2011 gives a very detailed analysis of Jews and Arabs, their origins and the fact that not many Arabs are Muslims. This newsletter is essential for a non-Jew and Jew alike to read and further understand. Boskey concludes with a review of God’s heart of healing in the Middle East.

Prophecy and Blood Moons coming soon can be found in several hundred places on the Web. There is pro and con as to significance. The following site is pro:

More concerning the End of America due to actions of its past POTUS can be found at:

Crippling children by selling them racism:

Amnesty for illegal immigrants is unfavorable to a majority of Americans. Yet Obama insisted it must happen. An action to keep the government from shutting down was issued. It included 2.5 billion for illegal immigrant/refugees.

Continuous persecution of anyone, in this case Americans, is described in the following article: