The end of freedom in the UK – thanks Theresa May!

Theresa May, UK Home Secretary, has published a new bill before parliament asking for greater powers to investigate private communications in the post-Snowden era of terror prevention.

“The bill expands the purposes for which police can obtain internet connection records, which are details of the websites and online applications people use. It says they can be acquired for a “specific investigation” provided it is “necessary and proportionate”. This clause was not contained in the draft legislation.

Police will also get the power to hack into computers and smart phones – so called “equipment interference” – normally reserved for the security services, when there is a “threat to life” situation, such as locating a missing child. This is an extension of police powers in the draft legislation.” (BBC)

Today, if we value our lives, we should of course be completely in favour of ANY measure that will protect lives, where Muslim terrorists are able to roam free plotting attacks like 7/7 or Paris, against innocent people. The point is however, Theresa May would not need to introduce such blatant infringements into our freedoms were it not for the fact that the politically correct political classes are obsessed with maintaining the status quo rather than dealing with the root cause of terror, namely Islam.  Observant Muslims are supposed to see Islam’s laws, Sharia, as superior to those of the land they live in. So in order that our leaders need not say anything un-PC, and name Islam as a seditious and violent ideology, we continue to have to spend hours going through security at airports because of fears of a shoe bomb, or a bomb in our drinking water bottles, we continue to live in fear of the next terror attack – as not all plots will ever be foiled. We now also have to expect all our communications to no longer be private but open to the eyes of snoopers.

“Is Islam compatible with democracy?
Islamic law is absolutely incompatible with true democracy. It is a theocratic system with Allah alone at its head. Allah’s law is interpreted by a ruling body of clerics. There is no room for a secular political system in which all people are treated as equals.” (

What next – will women be told to cover up in public as they are being in Germany and Sweden to prevent Muslims raping them?

Because this is the way things are heading – more and more the obsession with maintaining our Muslim population’s rights to follow a belief system that rejects Western democracy and non-Muslim laws is encroaching on our right to live our lives free from rape, abuse and terror attacks.

Already free speech is being curtailed when it comes to Islam – as in the case of a Barnet Hospital A&E doctor currently undergoing a fitness to practice tribunal for the ‘crime’ of tweeting that too often A&E patients come in for minor problems like a cough or earache but also, and more worryingly, because he said:

“David Cameron is an obsequious Islamophile and he needs to go. The way he sucks up to sick doctrines like Islam in the UK is sickening’ (this part of the story appeared in the print version but has been deleted from the online article on theTelegraph website…)

Our media report all these infringements as unique infringements of our civil liberties. However, it is critical to join the dots and make the observation that ALL of these infringements are a product of the West’s hosting of Muslim populations.

Islam teaches its followers they are vastly superior to non-Muslims, whom they term ‘kuffar’ derogatively. Islam is therefore a supremacist ideology akin to Nazism. It teaches Muslims they should not befriend or trust non-Muslims. It is the object of Islam to spread Islam and Sharia law across the globe NOT to integrate.

To quote the 20th century cleric, Sayyid Qutb, “It is Allah and not man who rules. Allah is the source of all authority, including legitimate political authority. Virtue, not freedom, is the highest value. Therefore, Allah’s law should govern the society; not man’s.” (

That is why so many Muslim communities in the West remain isolated from the rest of society, actively agitate against us and even go so far as attacking the host communities time and time again. For those who point to their Muslim doctor or neighbour who is fully integrated and far removed from this picture I say please open your eyes to the wider problems of Muslim communities in your country. To refresh your memory I list just a few of the out and out displays of hatred and sedition by UK Muslims:

Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary addresses members of the media during a protest supporting the Shari’ah law, in north London October 31, 2009.

The failure of de-radicalisation ‘prevent’ programme:

“Mizanur Rahman laughs when he recalls the de-radicalization program he was sent on in 2008 after he was released from a British jail where he had served two years for inciting violence against British and American troops.

“I’d go there, I’d sign my name, play pool with some other radicals that I was in prison with and I’d go home,” said Rahman, arrested again last month on suspicion of terrorism offences. He denies wrongdoing and has not been charged.” (Newsweek 2014)

The systematic abuse of young non-Muslim children by Muslim men:

Across the UK groups of Muslim men have been found guilty of preying on vulnerable young girls and boys and systematically sexually abusing them. The victims have ALWAYS been non-Muslim the perpetrators Muslim. If this is not hate crime, it’s hard to think what is.

A Rotherham victim tells her story

The Grooming process

The butchery and murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby, and links to the Paris attackers:

Home Secretary Theresa May has said the two brothers who carried out the shootings at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo may be linked to the ‘same al Qaida affiliate’ that was in contact with the killers of Middleton soldier Lee Rigby . (Manchester Evening News)

The 7/7 bombers were not Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish but Muslim:

The bombers who took the lives of 52 completely innocent people in London that day were Muslims leading apparently well-integrated secular lifestyles.

Mohammad Sidique Khan. The 30-year-old had been a teaching assistant at Hillside Primary School in Leeds. (Photo: Guzelian/The Times Educational Supplement)

(7/7 – Profile of the bombers – BBC News)   (7/7 – What happened that day – BBC)

So it should be clear to any sentient human being that the ONLY way to finally stop the constant stream of attacks against the West by Muslims is to deport Muslims to Muslim nations, of which there are 50, and forever stop immigration and trade to and from those countries. The reason for this is simple. Those 50 Muslim countries I mention were once Christian, or Hindu, or Jewish or Pagan or Buddhist – until Muslims conqueredthem by immigration or by the sword. Let us not forget Greece was under Ottoman rule until 1820, Spain was under Muslim rule from 711 to 1492, the Balkans were under Ottoman rule from 1352 and of course Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh were not always Muslim but rather Hindu and Buddhist. The same goes for the entire Muslim world – it was taken by Muslims from natives, the most notable recent example being Lebanon which had been Christian since the time of Jesus, but today Muslims are in a majority demographically. Israel of course is in the bible as being Jewish, predating the invention of Islam by 7 centuries, yet today the Arab Palestinians claim it as their own land, and Muslims worldwide use the existence of Israel as a reason for terrorist attacks. Israeli Jews give Arabs the right to live in Israel, yet suffer almost daily attacks at their hands. This is certainly the future of the West, unless we return Muslims to the lands they have already got.

The current invasion of Europe by Muslims is further proof – Muslims want to perform Hijra – Islamic conquest by immigration – rather than seek safety in the 50 Muslim lands they already have. They prey on our kindness and generosity, and once in our countries they attack and abuse us. The attacks on young women in Cologne and across Europe on New Year’s eve by Muslim migrants began to show the true colours of these ‘refugees’ – further attacks in Sweden continue to prove that Islam and the Muslims who believe its supremacist teachings are inimical to our Western tradition of democracy, peace and civilisation.

So will our leaders effect this change, which will certainly end Muslim terrorist atrocities in the West? Will they stop trade with the terror funding Islamic states of Saudi and Qatar?

It is in our power to demand it – and vote in a leader like Donald Trump in the US who WILL stand up for our right to freedom and peace in our own lands, and who will deport Muslims, Ban Islam and end trade with Muslim countries for ever. If we do not exercise our democratic rights now – we will be swamped by the evil of Islam for ever. And just look at the treatment of women, gays, minorities and anyone breaching Sharia in Islamic Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi for a flavour of this.