The following is based on several publications by Bill Warner, Ph.D.

Just as the Gentile Christians and Messianic Christians define the Holy Trinity as the Father God, Jesus Christ God and Holy Spirit God, Islam has what is called a Trinity consisting of the words of Allah in the Koran, and the words and actions of Mohammed which are called the Sunna. The Sunna is found in two collections of texts: the Sira (which is Mohammed’s life, and secondly the Haddith which is composed of things that Mohammed did and said, i.e. a hadith is a story about Mohammed. So with a capital H, we have a collection of stories which is called a Haddith.
There are many haddith’s, but only two are considered important or “to be followed”, and these are the Bukhari and Abu Muslim.

SUMMARY: The trilogy is the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira, with the Koran making up about 14% of Islamic beliefs, Hadith: 60% and Sira 26%.
Most people believe the Koran is the primary belief system of the Muslim. This is not true. The Islamic belief system is based on the Islamic Trilogy.

Any non-Muslim is a Kafir. A Kafir is the lowest of the low, and as per the Koran disgusting to Allah whose recommendation is to cut off their heads. In Islam all Christians or Jews are Kafir’s.

Taqiya is a word meaning it is perfectly good to lie for the “faith”.

Jizya is a fee paid by a non Muslim to continue living/working in the area controlled by Muslims protected by Muslims.. This amount is usually 20% of the non-Muslim’s income.
These non Muslims are called Dhimmi’s.

During the life of Mohammed, “tribes” or collections of peoples were present. In Mohammed’s “tribe”, the primary God was the moon God, referred to as Allah. However, it bears mentioning, the Arabic word for the moon God was Allilah.

The Koran, Sura and Haddith comprise the writing of Sharia, which are the Laws of Islam. These are completely incompatible with the American constitution