Despite the commotion of current events, from America to Zion, we are seeing Jewish seekers embrace the God of their ancestors. The Lord is bringing people into our paths regularly, around the world.

We’d love to encourage you during this season of great joy with stories from our missionaries who are actively sharing about Jesus, the Jewish messiah, the only hope for peace and forgiveness. We hope you will be refreshed by hearing about the life-changing work that God allows us to do.

Melissa, one of our trained missionaries, met a sweet, older Jewish woman named Rita at a church presentation Melissa gave in Boise, Idaho. It was during the season that many Jews for Jesus missionaries travel and speak in churches across the United States.

Rita meeting with MelissaAfter Melissa spoke, Rita came up to her afterward and talked about how much she loved the presentation and how it was so nice to see another Jewish person in her area. After a few minutes Melissa asked her, ‘Do you believe Jesus is the Messiah?’ She responded, ‘Ehhhh.’ So she and Rita arranged to have coffee the next day and talk about Jesus.

They met up, but after a little while Rita wanted to go back to her house because, as she said, ‘You can’t really know someone until you see where they live.’ When they got to her house, the conversation really started. After an hour or so of questions, Scripture, and staring into the silence, Rita invited Jesus into her heart. Melissa said, ‘Rita! Your life is new!’ She replied, ‘Yeah, now it’s His problem!’ Rita is a really sweet and sassy lady.

Now here’s the second half of Rita’s story, which Melissa found out about later than night. After Rita and Melissa prayed, Melissa asked her (just like Melissa’s dad, Stewart—who is also a Jews for Jesus missionary—always does), if Rita wanted to tell somebody about it. She said yes, and Melissa said, ‘Okay, let’s call my dad!’

Earlier Melissa had called her dad and asked him to pray for Rita and for their time together. He did so and then spoke at a church in Clarion, Pennsylvania. After his message, Stewart told everyone that his daughter was meeting with an unsaved Jewish woman and explained that in their family, when someone prays with someone else to receive the Lord, they often have the person call one of our other family members to tell them the good news. So, he said, on the off chance that he got a call from Melissa and Rita, he would have to take it!

About ten minutes later, his phone rang. He answered it, turned on the speaker phone, and the whole room heard, ‘Hi Dad, this is my friend Rita, and she has something to tell you.’ Rita and Stewart talked for about 30 seconds, and then Melissa said, ‘Okay. Bye Dad.’ As soon as they hung up, Stewart’s congregation gave Rita a huge ovation. People were cheering and crying!

Melissa didn’t tell Stewart that she would have Rita call him. There was no plan to do so. It just felt like the right thing. Praise our King!

We must always be ready to share the hope that is within us, no matter where God places us. God opened Rita’s eyes, ears and heart, using Melissa’s presence and readiness, and blessing God’s people with the story at the same time. We pray that God is enabling you to do the same, and we hope you, too, are encouraged by Rita’s miraculous testimony.

We covet your prayers and support. Friends like you allow this good work to continue

In Messiah,

David Brickner
Executive Director
Jews for Jesus