Obama was far from happy on Thursday since the Supreme Court ruined his plans to keep millions of illegal aliens here.  The court stood with a lower court ruling and stated that Obama couldn’t essentially protect or stop illegal aliens from being deported.  Too bad – So sad.

Naturally, we have heard the Obama dirge of punishing comments demanding we all feel guilty for the Supreme Court ruling.  One of the tasty ‘guilt’ morsels Obama shared today with us – “this takes us further from the country we aspire to be.”  Apparently, we all dream of a country filled to the brim with ‘mystery and illegal aliens’ filling our prisons, overwhelming our social services. Then, there are the Islamic terrorists and members of ISIS coming across our border and planning for the next series of attacks. Only Obama and his lawless supporters say we are moving ‘further away’ from what we want to be.

Most Americans as well as myself, who have desperately wanted border security and the illegal alien flow to stop aren’t ‘wanna be Hitlers.’  We don’t fantasize about ripping families apart and watching poor people starve to death. Even Donald Trump, as strong as his stand is on stopping the flow of illegal aliens, calls for negotiation, honest assessment and compassionate planning in dealing with all the illegal aliens currently here.  However, he has the guts to declare that the obvious step must be taken first. We must stop the hemorrhaging at the border as soon as possible.

It is beyond critical that Americans snap out of any 50-yard line stupor we find ourselves in. If you are a Donald Trump hater get over it.  Realize that he has a real plan for fixing our national security holes; building up real jobs and making Americans first again instead of chronically last.  Hillary is about two things only – money and power.  Everything and anyone that stands in her way must be destroyed.

It is also time that you undecided and tortured Democrats wake up and smell the coffee as well before you do your own selves in.  Hillary is not at all the champion of women, gays, law, America or freedom for anyone.  She is a bold liar who only stands where she thinks she can manipulate more money and power.  The bottom line for Hillary is this:  The illegal aliens are nothing but controllable voters for her to move around on her Big Government game board of control.

A few cities blown up here and there along with a few more party massacres is a small price to pay for a manipulated election result and slaves that will obey.

4-4 was barely a victory this week folks.  We must vote in Donald Trump, secure our borders, really protect our lives and freedom and build America back.  This will ‘take us further to the country we aspire to be.’  Let us try to stay alive and vote like our lives really depended on it.  They do.