First, STOP! I want you to know that the next paragraph in this email contains a description of wickedness that should only be read by mature adults.

According to a new set of sex education standards for public school children, by the time your children or grandchildren are in the eighth grade, they should be able to define and describe various sex acts including sodomy, which is described in the standards with explicit detail.

I considered using the actual language from the standards, but I just could not bring myself to incorporate something so vile into this email.

God warned of the consequences of such evil some 2,700 years ago. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the prophet Isaiah wrote:

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness! … Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight! Woe to those who … take away the rights of the ones who are in the right!” (Isaiah 5:20-23, NASB)

Throughout history, the fall of corrupt nations has often confirmed the truth of Isaiah’s prophecy.

And, yes, it can happen here in America.

But Isaiah also gives me hope for our nation because it teaches that how we respond to the truth of God’s Word has much to do with whether or not a society experiences a collapse or resurgence.

Because of Isaiah’s warnings and hope, I want to offer you an outstanding new resource from American Family Studios, Isaiah: The Servant of the Lord, a video teaching series featuring Dr. John Oswalt. The series contains six sessions that cover all 66 chapters of the book of Isaiah.

Dr. Oswalt is an American scholar and distinguished professor of Old Testament. He is the author of 11 books, his most notable being his two-volume commentary on the book of Isaiah in the New International Commentary on the Old Testament series.

If you’re like me and need to understand the Old Testament better, this is a great opportunity. Dr. Oswalt explains Isaiah’s rich and relevant truths in a friendly and approachable style. And the series is perfect for small groups and Sunday school classes, so we’ve included a booklet with discussion questions and more.

Our nation’s moral decline mirrors what was happening in Judah during Isaiah’s lifetime.

Today, the godless radicals that dominate public education and every other social institution are, in effect, saying to Christians:

1. “Keep your mouths shut!”
Michigan high school student David Stout is suing his school and its officials because he was suspended from classes and all extracurricular activities for three days for “bullying.”

How was he a bully? According to the lawsuit, when asked by another student for his opinion, Stout explained the biblical teachings on homosexuality and gender identity – which offended the student, who complained. A teacher at the school went so far as to tell Stout never to share his Christian beliefs on those issues even on social media while away from school. As Isaiah said, “Woe to those who … take away the rights of the ones who are in the right!”

2. “We’ll train your kids in our worldview.”
The new “National Sex Education Standards” (NSES) I mentioned before are being rolled out to schools for grades K-12. Here are some examples of the reprehensible content found in those standards:

  • In line with the current push of critical race theory in schools, the NSES is filled with “social justice” language related to power dynamics, equity, discrimination, intersectionality, and white privilege.
  • By the end of second grade, the standards insist that children be able to “define gender, gender identity, and gender-role stereotypes” in a way that is accepting of the transgender movement.
  • In high school, students are to be taught about homophobia and transphobia while also being instructed that families must support young people who are homosexual and/or transgender.
  • Schools are exhorted to teach that all adults – including parents, teachers, and administrators – “should respect and use the pronouns each student uses for themselves.”
  • Especially worrisome is that one of the targets of the NSES is the “emotionally harmful” trauma that can result from “the influence of environments such as … religious institutions,” especially regarding the dynamics of “homophobia.”

According to figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 41% of public school districts in the U.S. have adopted the NSES standards. Whether that percentage increases will depend on the alertness of parents across the nation.

If you have friends and family with children in public schools, please make them aware of these perverse standards on human sexuality and encourage them to check to see if they’ve taken root in their

local district. Our schools will better serve our children when parents take seriously their God-given responsibilities of oversight and ensure that their children are not stained by such wickedness.

3. “Parents, it’s none of your business what we’re teaching your kids.”
A 12-year-old Florida girl attempted suicide at her school after school officials encouraged her – without informing her parents – to consider “transitioning” to become a boy.

Since such “encouragement” seems to be in line with the policies of the Biden administration, the incident led Rep. Virginia Foxx (R) and Sen. Richard Burr (R) of North Carolina to send a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Education criticizing the policy. They wrote:

According to the girl’s father, the school had been in conversations with the girl about a gender transition, had begun calling her a boy, and had assigned her a new name. They did all of this without notifying the parents.

In California, a mom has begun legal proceedings against Spreckels Union School District after two teachers allegedly convinced her 11-year-old daughter that shewas a transgender boy. According to media reports, the girl’s mom said teachers who led the “You Be You” equality club went so far as giving her daughter tips on “binding” her breasts so they would stop developing.

The California Teachers Association criticized the legal action being taken by the mother, saying that schools have a responsibility to protect a student’s gender identity and sexual orientation – even keeping it from parents if that’s what the student wants.

My friends, America desperately needs a spiritual revival birthed out of a true understanding of what the Bible teaches!

That’s why our formal mission statement includes this reason for AFA’s existence: “to give aid to the church, here and abroad, in its calling to fulfill the Great Commission.”

One way we do that is by creating and distributing resources like Isaiah: The Servant of the Lord.

We hope these resources help realign our thinking about the heart of God and what it means to live as one of His followers. And don’t we all need that?

In Isaiah 55, a well-known and beloved passage, God invites all those who thirst to come to Him and drink of the living water that He offers freely. There, the wicked and unrighteous will find compassion and pardon when they repent and turn to Him in faith.

Through every resource that God has given AFA, you and I echo that invitation in the name of Jesus.

I know you want to be among those who proclaim that message without apology, fear, or regret. So please continue to prayerfully and financially support this ministry. In appreciation, I want to send you a copy of Isaiah: The Servant of the Lord. Use the enclosed gift slip and postage-paid envelope to request your copy today.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association