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Check out my radio interview (audio here) with Breitbart this morning:

Pamela Geller: New Year’s Eve Rapes in Germany A Wake-Up Call to U.S. Leaders to Stop Muslim Migration from ‘Jihad Nations’, Breitbart Radio, January 6, 2015:

On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily (6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125), Pamela Geller said the shocking New Year’s Eve incidents in Cologne, Germany where roving packs of men of Arab or North African descent groped and raped German women should serve as another wake-up to American leaders to stop “this Muslim migration from these Jihad nations.”

“You just can’t do it,” Geller told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, adding that accepting Muslim immigrants also poses a national security threat since ISIS has warned it will “weaponize” migrants and sneak in terrorists to western nations. “This is a huge mistake.”

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Geller said America is “merely five to 10 years behind” Europe and will face the same problems as Europe if it continues to admit Muslim migrants. She said GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, who has proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, is resonating with Americans for speaking up about their concerns against the political elite.

“He’s popular because he’s saying things that everybody is thinking,” Geller said of Trump.

Regarding the New Year’s Eve rapes in Germany, Geller said other cities in Germany had similar incidents and a lot of her German readers told her that they did not leave their house on New Year’s Eve because they did not want to be victimized by savages.

Geller added that the Cologne incident was evocative of Tahrir Square in Egypt when Muslim men raped hundreds of women, including CBS’s Lara Logan, while mobs gathered to celebrate Mohamed Morsi’s departure in 2013.

“What was different?” Geller said. “It really was the same thing.”

Geller added that German leaders are going to try and cover up the details of the Cologne attacks “because [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel is hellbent on this Muslim migration, which she is committed to despite reality.”

She emphasized that there is “a break between the people and the E.U. elites” on Muslim migration. According to Geller, “Europe is doomed” because taking in so many Muslims “is unsustainable.” Since the European “political elites are ignoring the people,” Geller said Europeans will “go quietly into the night or they’re going to have to fight back.”

She said “people are going to rise up or they’re going to succumb” in Europe and warned that Americans will be faced with the same choice down the line if its leaders do not curb Muslim immigration.

Listen to the full interview – audio here.

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