The seven pointed candelabra represents the one first made by Bazalel in Exodus 31. Bezalel was given a special anointing from Holy Spirit God to do this. It is rumored that many individuals have attempted to make this same candelabra which is made of gold and is one piece. Yes, one piece. Amazing?  No one has been successful.

What is important from a Messianic Jewish/Christian perspective are the numbers and name:

Six equals the number of man. Seven represents the number of completion or perfection. The middle candle is called the “servant” candle and is usually slightly higher than the three on each side. The middle candle traditionally lights the other three candles. Man plus Christ therefore represents perfection/completion from the Father God’s perspective.


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Shalom from Jerusalem,

One of the famous buildings in the entire ancient world was the Jerusalem Temple. Countless ancient authors proclaimed the stupendous beauty and majesty of this building which was built as a house for the one God. Among the famous beautiful items in the Temple in Jerusalem was the lampstand of pure gold€ (Exodus 25:31) which illuminated the Holy Place.

Containing delicate oil cups shaped like €œalmond blossoms, each with calyx and petals€, this was a truly amazing object because the entire body was hammered out of a single piece of gold.

Do you know what the original name of the lampstand was in Hebrew?

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