3973 cdd Detrimental Behavior
Friday January 8, 2015

Volume 17 Number 006


Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Numbers 32:23b

“And be sure your sin will find you out” NKJV

The story is told of a preacher addressing his congregation, “Next week I am planning a sermon about the sin of lying. My goal is very simple — To help everyone understand how the thread of lying runs throughout the Old and New Testament. And clearly demonstrate that lying is detrimental to the Kingdom of God.”

“I want everyone who is sitting on the right side of the church, as I face you, to read chapter 17 in the New Testament book of Mark, in preparation. Those sitting on the left side of the church, as I face you, read Chapter 3 in the Old Testament book of Hezekiah.”

The following Sunday as promised the preacher began, “Let’s start our discussion about lying. We’ll start in the Old Testament and work our way forward to the New Testament. Everyone one who read Chapter 3 in the book of Hezekiah please raise your hand.”

At first a few people raised their hands and others looked around — soon a few more hands popped up as the steely eyes of the preacher moved across the congregation. Finally, a third or more of those present were holding their hands in the air.

Then the preacher with a bit of a smile on his face asked, “Everyone who read Chapter 17 in the book of Mark please raise your hand.”

This was a much more energetic group and hands quickly rose in anticipation of the sermon. More than 50% on that side of the church raised their hands.

With that, the preacher announced: “There is no book of Hezekiah in the Old Testament and there is no Chapter 17 in the book of Mark. Mark only has 16 chapters.” You could have heard a pin drop!

This day, in this auditorium, the preacher delivered one of his most powerful sermons ever. He clearly impressed upon the people that the sin of lying truly transcended the Old and New Testament — and demonstrated clearly, without the shadow of a doubt, that lying was detrimental to the Kingdom of God.

Prayer: Father help me never compromise your Kingdom and my personal testimony through false words. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Pastor Bill Team Prayer

Father please bring 1…………. 2…………. 3………….. into your kingdom.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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