Could Obama’s nuke deal unleash Iran’s Apocalyptic Muslims?

Apocalyptic Muslims?

Author Joel Rosenberg (FNC)

Author Joel Rosenberg (FNC)

It’s a hybrid of Islamic radicalism that even scares Al Qaeda.

The New York Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg calls it “Apocalyptic Islam.”

PODCAST: Listen to Joel Rosenberg’s shocking explanation of Apocalyptic Islam

“Apocalyptic Islam doesn’t want to simply attack us, it wants to annihilate us,” Rosenberg told me during an interview broadcast on my podcast. “Apocalyptic Muslims like the leaders of Iran and the leaders of the Islamic State believe that we are living in the End Times and that it’s their mission from Allah to bring about the end of the world as we know it.”

Rosenberg describes Apocalyptic Islam as a subset of Radical Islam.

“We’re not talking about 1.6 billion Muslims,” he said. “We’re talking about ten percent or less who are radicals.”

But ten percent of 1.6 billion is still a mighty big number – and they want to destroy Christians, Jews anyone else they consider to be an infidel.

“They want to establish their global Islamic kingdom where everybody has to follow Islam,” he said. “And that is a substantively, significantly different and much more dangerous form of radical Islam than even Al Qaeda and Hamas and the Taliban.”

“This is not just about attacking us,” Rosenberg warned. “This is about annihilating us.”

Even Al Qaeda has denounced the Apocalyptic Muslims as bloodthirsty.

“When Al Qaeda thinks you’re crazy, you’re really crazy,” he said. “And these people are not just crazy – they’re demonic.”

And yet President Obama and his administration are trying to appease the Islamists – including the ones currently in charge of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Rosenberg called the nuclear deal foolish, dangerous and insane.

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“Once you understand Apocalyptic Islam, you understand just how dangerous it is to give Iran not just one path to nuclear weapons, but two,” he said. “This president doesn’t understand the threat of radical Islam. He won’t even define that – much less Apocalyptic Islam.”

And he doesn’t hold out much hope for the current presidential frontrunners either.

“This is a very challenging year when you have a president and two frontrunners who just don’t understand the most serious foreign policy threat of our time,” he said. “That is not comforting.”

Rosenberg has offered counsel to several Republican presidential campaigns including Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

“Senator Rubio totally gets it,” he said. “He’s been using that language in the debates and in his speeches.”

Among the others who “get it” are Cruz, Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum.

What about Donald Trump?

“It’s clear [Trump] doesn’t understand this,” he said. ‘It’s just all bloviating.”

It’s not so much that the world is facing a future threat – the threat is already here.

“These people are crucifying Christians, they’re beheading people” he said. “They are creating mayhem and really genocidal conditions in Syria and Iraq and our current president is just using half measure to run some sort of public relations war against them.”

He doesn’t have a plan.

To help us understand what could happen – Rosenberg has written a new book, “The First Hostage.” It’s a riveting account of Islamic radicals kidnapping an American president. It’s a page-turning political thriller.

But the scariest part is what happens if Rosenberg’s fiction is just prophecy in disguise.

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