Marion Webster dictionary defines apostasy as:
An act of refusing to continue to follow, obey, or recognize a religious faith 2: abandonment of a previous loyalty. Churches and Pastors tend to define apostasy as a falling away from the “true” faith as if God changes. Mal 3:6 “I the LORD do not change.”
In ancient Israel who instituted changes that involved the killing of babies, sodomy, and many things forbidden by Almighty God? It turns out that a man named Ahab has a father who was King and according to God’s book, the Holy Bible, he was very evil in God’s sight. His name was Omri and he had become King through force. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, compares Bill Clinton with Ahab.
According to Rabbi Cahn, in his book, “The Paradigm”, the most critical event in Ahab’s life was a marriage to a foreign woman who worshiped Baal, the god of the Phoenicians¬† (the Baal gate recently introduced to New York not far from the Twin Towers. She came to Israel with rage and the intent to destroy the faith of the people changing it to her faith. Ahab on the other hand was an apostate, but did name his children according to Hebrew practices, the second of whom was named Joram meaning “Jehovah has exalted”.
JEZEBEL: The Power Behind The Throne
The time of Ahab and Jezebel exhibited a form of change we would call a “culture war”. This term was first used in America in 1991 which was the same year Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign began. In the same way Ahab stood on the side of the “new” morality, so did Clinton which meant “against” traditional biblical morality or against God. Just as Ahab came from a traditionally moral background so Bill Clinton was raised as a Southern Baptist.
Ahab drifted into the worship of Baal which involved the murder of babies and children as sacrifices to this false God. In the same way Bill Clinton and his administration approved and lifted up the practice of Abortion or the killing of babies. In his first few days in office Bill Clinton revoked all the protections enacted by previous Presidents to protect the unborn.
Omni, the father of Ahab wanted to strengthen the security of Israel which was not unusual for that time. He arranged for Ahab to marry Jezebel, a pagan who worshiped Astartes (a false god in the mass of false gods that made up – Guess who? – Baal. Unfortunately instead of strengthening Israel, the marriage led Israel to oppose it’s own God and do extreme evil in His sight.
According to Cahn, “Israel had never seen anything like it”. Jezebel was a Queen, hungry for political power on her own as well as her husband.
This corresponds, of course, with Hilary Clinton the “now” Jezebel who has been called the “power behind the throne”. Cahn notes Bill Clinton announcing, “we are redefining in practical terms the immutable ideals that have guided us from the beginning. Clinton was speaking of terminating the guiding principles found in thousands of years of Judeo-Christianity. Bill Clinton dedicated a full month to the celebration of homosexuality and issued a proclamation for all Americans to “honor” homosexuals.
Cahn goes on to illustrate the correlation between Ahab letting an enemy of Israel (named Ben Hadad II) escape, doing so, against a prophetic word from God, and Clinton letting Osama Bin Laden escape when he could have captured him. This resulted in the deaths of about 3000 Americans on 911. Both Osama Bin Laden and Ben Hadad II were killed in their bedrooms exactly ten years after inflicting disasters upon their “enemies”.
Cahn shows a large number of multiple corresponding actions taken by Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary in comparison to Ahab and Jezebel, (a modern nation versus an ancient one) and it would certainly appear Solomon was right: Ec 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.
Again the corresponding actions of Joram in ancient times and Barack Obama as Joram leading the nations into further depravity and apostasy is noted by Rabbi Cahn who states “Not only would America become a less Christian nation; it would become increasingly an anti-Christian nation.” He then goes on to show in other ways how this paradigm corresponds to the reign of Obama/Joram.
In ancient times a man names Jehu was known as a “fighter”. So in our time this was a man named Donald Trump. El Shaddai sent the Prophet Elisha to anoint Jehu and say: “I have anointed you King over the people of the Lord, over Israel.” There was no mention in this prophecy, however, of the fact that Jehu did kill Joram. This left only Jezebel for him to contend with, as Trump was to contend with Hillary.
Jehu was not a follower of the one true God. He tended to worship Baal and to follow in the ways of the nations evils. However, he changed, (especially after meeting a “man of God” named Jehonadab, a descendant of another man known as extremely holy by the name of Rechab or Rekhav. Just as Trump changed. Jehu had a prophecy and a meeting with a holy man, followed by ongoing advice from this same holy man. Trump is and has been the most prayed for President of the United States in all it’s history and a group of extremely committed Christians surrounded and prayed for him. It is entirely possible one of them became as a holy one to Trump, but in truth is irrelevant.
It is extremely interesting to note Johonadab as an advisor of Jehu was known as a “religious conservative”. In today’s language he would be known as a “far right” individual. President Trump was advised in virtually the same way. Well Gosh, does that mean God is a far right conservative. Maybe I’ll have to read His book – the Holy Bible. That would mean all lefttist’s or far left or anything left of middle is AntiGod. Wow!! That would mean the entire DFL party is AntiGod. Anti-American too!! Not that the DFL majority have any idea of who has taken over the party.
Just as Jehu the fighter had no political ruling background, so Trump was identical. Each came into the scene as unknown individuals to the nation. They were a surprise. This writer thinks God likes surprises sometimes, just to show who is really in charge. The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency was a complete surprise, especially to the AntiAmerican media who issued thousands of polls, all predicting the opposite of what really happened. It was, of course, also a surprise to Obama/Joram and Hillary Clinton/Jezebel, effectively beginning the end of their influence in the nation, and showing the utterly complete power of God.
Jehu was a challenge to Evangelicals and Conservatives in all areas. His past actions were an affront and yet he promised to change. He did change but remained unpredictable. The Evangelicals and Conservatives threw their support behind President Trump and it is said he did more in his first year of presidency than any other president before him.
The multiple evil actions taken during the previous presidential years began to be eradicated. The multiple actions taken in President Trump’s first one hundred days are almost unbelievable:
Many Americans actually believe whatever they see on television or read in newspapers and magazines, or watch in movies is really true and simply have never read Eph. 2:2 “wherein ye once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the powers of the air, of the spirit that now worketh in the sons of disobedience; This passage explicitly states Satan is in control of anything moving through the air such as the various methodologies mentioned above. There is a sincere belief of the Enemedia destroying America, however this writer feels, as do others, such as John Price, the stealth jihad of Muslims will eventually destroy America. (

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