Antichrist Nation Of TURKEY Is Behind The Islamic Caliphate

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Why do we believe that the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq is Turkey’s baby?

For Turkey, it needs the ISIS to dismantle governments then to later consume them to create its Sunni Axis and its Ottoman dream. Turkey’s master plan is to eventually sacrifice someone in its little ISIS pawn in order to declare itself as the supreme Caliphate taking all under its neo-Ottoman umbrella which will also include an alliance with Iran.

Turkey needs the ISIS to dismantle and prepare the runway for Turkey to consume much flesh.

Rida Alton of the Kurdish Labor Party agrees that Turkey is behind the ISIS. He explains that the capture of the Turkish consulate by the ISIS in Iraq did not result in much objection by the Turkish government as there was no national condemnation and that Erdogan administration stated “we have no qualms with the ISIS“.

It was Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who told the U.S. to keep its hands off the ISIS claiming that their are risks of launching air strikes against the ISIS claiming concern about the fate of dozens of Turkish citizens who were captured by the ISIS. So what happened? We recently predicted it stating when the whole fiasco began that “all this was a ruse”. Today all Turkish captive were returned safely and both Turkey and the ISIS secretly cried out Hallelujah (in Arabic it would be Hallilu-Allah). The Kuwaiti News Agency just reported that Turkish truck drivers who were captured all returned.

The Turkish Watan also stated that the ISIS has 5000 of their troops stationed in Turkey and that they plan to establish a base there. Watan also explained that the ISIS under its new plan titled “ISIS In Istanbul” has already established outlets and even are distributing ISIS banners, T-Shirts and logos throughout Bagler in the midst of Istanbul and has branched into Esenlr, Wasn, Yurt, Bhishly, Affler, Kainarja and Pendik. Here, take a look at Turkish stores and see for yourself the ISIS T-Shirts with Turkish writing:



Heck, the ISIS is also established at Jarablis on the Syrian Turkish border without any military intervention by Turkey. The ISIS is already knocking at the gates of Turkey which Turkey let them in. In Kilis, Turkey the hospital there treated over 40 of ISIS fighters. The new Defense Attaché of British Embassy Colonel Richard Jeffries sent a communiqué which was leaked that mentioned 1500 pickup trucks came into Jarablis Syria from Turkey fully loaded with heavy machine-guns 5 days prior to the invasion of Nineveh.

Any Google search of the map of the Islamic Caliphate does not include Turkish Iskenderun. Why would the ISIS have a hands off policy when this province is supposedly Muslim land? Iskenderun part of Ottoman history and the ISIS would not dare touch it.

That, plus all the fuel that the ISIS uses is imported directly from Turkey via Kurdistan as reported from sources in Nineveh. The ISIS also has control of over 60% of the oil in Syria which it exports to Turkey. The ISIS continue to organize the theft of oil to be shipped towards Turkey and sold cheaply which funded over $800 million to terrorists including the ISIS; all this banditry under the guise of a European’s decision to allow for the “Syrian opposition” to export stolen oil.

The whole fiasco is a master plan with Turkey working alongside Iran to divide the region. Turkey had concocted once a sinister plan to steal Syria which was revealed during the Turkish incursions into Syria when an anonymous YouTube account presented a recording of intelligence of the top movers and shakers in Turkey; chief Hakan Fidan discussing with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu, Deputy Chief of Staff Yasar Guler and other officials a possible military operation against Syria and, if needed, creating a staged terror attack, in coordination between Turkish intelligence and the very ISIS terrorists who invaded Iraq. In Syria, such coordinated plan between the ISIS and Turkey was to destroy a Turkish historic monument the Suleiman Shah burial place to create an excuse and spark a war in Syria.

The leopard (Turkey) can never change its spots and has its eyes to use the ISIS to further its Ottoman agenda and revive a much larger picture for the Caliphate. Only Turkey can do this since many in Iran and the Caucasus are of Azeri Turkish heritage and such ethnic affiliation is crucial to comprehend a Shiite-Sunni alliance between Turkey with Iran and other Muslim states. Who else can start the bloodshed and end it between Shiite and Sunnis except Turkey and be well poised to spark an Islamic unification under an Ottoman Caliphate including all the way to the Caucasus? Only Turkey has a version of Islam (Sufism) that respects both Sunni and Shiite icons and has a Azeri familial connection with Iran and Azerbaijan. Iran has 35 million people of Turkish ethnic origin who make up the majority in Iran — nearly half of the Iranian population.

Turkey needs the ISIS to dismantle the Levant while using many Arab influence to aid it while using the ISIS to even turn on the Arabs themselves.

Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a Turkish newspaper columnist wrote, “Turkey’s support was vital for the jihadists [ISIS] in getting in and out of the country.” The Turks offered the bulk of ISIS’s funding, arming and training, that alongside funding by Saudi Wahhabis and by Kuwaiti oligarchs.

Turkey continues to organize and support bands of terrorists from Chechens, Turkmenis and other factions to coordinate military offensive operations against the Syrian army on several fronts in Aleppo under the mission title of “Amputating the Unbelievers”.

For Turkey, its all about the Sunni Axis, while Iran is interested in Iraq to form its Shiite Axis. Turkey will eventually sacrifice someone in its little ISIS pawn in order to declare itself as the Caliphate under the neo-Ottoman umbrella which will also include Iran.

Both beasts, Iran and Turkey are setting up the stage to consume much flesh and the ISIS is the perfect instrument for Turkey to do so and to later enter as the peace-making savior in the region.

Erdogan wants the entire Middle East. Why else would he be making statements against Egypt objecting to the Egyptian presidential elections, stating that the Muslim Brotherhood not being allowed to contest, was “not democratic”? The Muslim Brotherhood is not gone and will advance back into Egypt and this time with the help of the leopard (Turkey) while Iran (the bear) moves in on the injured lion (Iraq). Later, Turkey, the Antichrist nation will move into Egypt (Daniel 11).

The biblical prophecies are not difficult to fathom, years ago we wrote: “Iraq (The Babylonian Empire) was the major power in the Middle East when Saddam was in charge; its wings were clipped, then plucked before being humbled by the U.S. Iran rose (bear on one side without Media-Kurdistan) and today we have the Shia-Crescent – the Persian Bear – rising.” Then we have the Leopard (Turkey/Greece) which will arise to include all.

Most prophecy students missed all this because they did not comprehend the different layers and dual fulfillment in Scripture in Daniel 7 and 8 which are not simply about ancient historic events dealing with the Babylonian Empire exclusively but has layers for the future: Lion standing on feet, bear rising on one side and the leopard coming up in the end are prophecies that were not fulfilled historically, God repeats history and these have another layer that pertains way into the future; the end of times. The bear (Iran) will arise to form the “Shia-Crescent” (which has already began), which nations will cling to it like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Azerbaijan. The Medo-Persian bear is “arising on one side” is arising again as Iran (on one side) to devour much flesh, including as we see, Iraq. The modern traditional western interpretation correctly sees the ancient empires, yet misses the crucial other layers and their dual fulfillment.

It is an important rule that certain prophecy encompass all times and not just the end. It doesn’t make sense that God only cares about our end times while He is thought to have ignored much of Christian history?

For example, Matthew 24 warned the Church to flee, the church in 70 A.D listened and fled. Yet such prophecy was about the end as well. The first believers bailed out of Jerusalem when it was surrounded by Roman conscripts composed of nations nearby, the Christians read Revelation and Zechariah which was in one layer speaking to them ultimately urging believers to leave, but the prophecy ultimately was for the end.  Not understanding this causes many to err as preterits believe that prophecy was all fulfilled in 70 AD and others presume this was strictly for end-times when truth is that God at times hits many nails with a single blow of His hammer.

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