5348 cdd Amazing Rescue
Scripture:Acts 16:31b
“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved” NKJV
Manuel Gonzalez was the first and last rescue worker to reach 33 trapped miners in 2010. For sixty-nine days the miners were holding on for life after a massive underground explosion.
At great risk to his own life, Manuel went underground more than 2,000 feet to bring the trapped men back to the surface. The world watched in amazement as 1 by 1 each miner was rescued and transported to freedom and their families.
Our Bible tells us of an even more amazing rescue. Because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, all of mankind is trapped in sin. Unable to break free, everyone faces certain death – physically and eternally.
But God has provided a Rescuer – Jesus Christ, His Son. Everyone who accepts the free gift of salvation offered through His death and resurrection is freed from sin’s grip and its resulting death penalty.
Through His Cross, Jesus rescues and redeems us for all eternity.
Manuel Gonzalez rescued 33 people one by one for a little more earth time
Jesus Christ offers rescue to 8 billion people one by one for all eternity. Is today your day to receive Jesus Christ as Lord of your life? If so repeat after me:
“Dear Father in Heaven,
I know I have been a sinner
I ask now for Your forgiveness
I believe Jesus Christ is Your Son
I believe that He died for my sin and that you raised Him from the dead
I want to trust Jesus Christ as my Savior and follow Him as Lord in my life
Jesus, from this day forward guide my life and help me to do Your will
I pray this now and forever in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!”
If you prayed this prayer please let me know so we can pray along with you to enjoy the victory of the Cross and life in Jesus Christ. pb and pc
5348 cdd Amazing Rescue
Cyber Daily Devotion
Friday, April 9, 2021
Volume 21 Number 071
Today’s Author: Pastor Bill
Bible Memory Verse of the Week
20 Words
Acts 2:21And it shall come to pass that whoever
calls on the name of the Lord Shall be saved NKJV
Today’s Cross Prayer State:California
Their designated Bible verse: John 3:17 “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved” NKJV
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In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
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