The silencing of the truth of Islam

A very worrying development is taking place. People trying to speak the truth about Islam are being silenced. Accounts of social media are being deleted without warning for the ‘crime’ of criticising Islam. Now a crowdfunding website has joined in the censoring of any narrative criticising Islam.

I have been trying to raise money for three victims of Islam on and out of the blue my account has been permanently deleted. The fact is that whilst I had to of course explain WHY the victims of Islam needed help (one was a child grooming gang victim and two were ex-Muslims seeking to escape Muslim countries) I only presented the facts and the truth about their situation. For this my account has been deleted and I can no longer raise money to help these people.

One victim was an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity whose very own family had tried to kill him by beating him up and setting his house on fire. He cannot seek help from the Muslim police as they will also want to kill or imprison him for the ‘crime’ of leaving Islam.

Another victim, Emily was a victim of Muslim rape gangs in Peterborough for 20 years – the truth of this is horrendous, she has chronic physical ailments and PTSD from the years of gang rape and sexual exploitation she suffered. I was trying to raise cash for her to see a private psychotherapist as the ones offered by the NHS were always Muslim, and as you can imagine that would not have been right for her. In fact her home town of Peterborough has an extremely high Muslim population, and she cannot even take taxis as the vast majority of drivers are Muslim. The third was Serkan Engin a Turkish ex-Muslim who was no longer being given work due to his outspoken criticism of Islam. He too was trying to leave Islamic Turkey.

What exactly is the problem with setting out these truths about the great problems which the Muslim world has with non-Muslims? The problem the Muslim world has with us is so great that they will try and kill their own family members for leaving or spend decades systematically abusing non-Muslim children. The facts of the gang abuse of women in Cologne in Germany on New Year’s Eve attest to the same. There have been similar attacks on countless Swedish women and children since Sweden opened its doors to unfettered migration from the Muslim world. But now we cannot spell out the problem honestly.

There were of course rapists and paedophiles before Muslim immigration. The point is that the numbers of cases have flown out of all control, and importantly, the crimes have very much more the appearance of hate crime than pure sex crimes. In all these cases the attackers are Muslims attacking non-Muslims for the ‘crime’ of being non-Muslim. This is clearly hate crime under any definition – but rather than prosecute the perpetrators of these VERY REAL crimes against non-Muslims, the authorities prefer to clamp down on those of us who are brave enough to speak out against them.

There is a massively insidious trend appearing of free speech from people who are worried about Islam being silenced in favour of liberal propaganda and Muslim ‘Islamphobia’ narratives. Yes, this does involve Muslims because without Muslims believing in Islam there would not be a problem with Islam – because there would be no-one to act on its orders to kill the unbelievers.

This verse of the Koran is about “all non-Muslims”, all “heretics” — Christians, Buddhists, atheists, Jews, etc. — describing them as those “who wage war [interpreted as simply not believing in] against Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad)”

“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.”

Ex-Muslim Serkan Engin has this to say about the separation between Islam and Islamism –

“You have heard many times that “Islam is a tolerant religion”. That is the biggest lie that you can hear all over the World, and this lie is used as a mask to hide the terrible face of Islam. There is NO difference between Islam and Islamism. This is the main error that the modern world make about Islam. There are not different forms as Islam and Islamism, they are the same thing, and they have the same content. This separation is only an illusion, and it is used by Muslims to hide the brutal, hateful, oppressive,murderous, genocidal face of Islam.

So please – before the truth is permanently silenced – spread it far and wide and demand your political leaders and the media listen to your fears. They are justified. Islam tells Muslims they are perpetually at war with us, the non-Muslim world. If we cannot even acknowledge this truth what hope is there that we will win the war?

DONATIONS ARE STILL NEEDED DESPITE THE BAN FROM GOFUNDME.COM- Please send any donations to via PayPal email payments with a note which campaign you would like to donate to – Emily (victim of Muslim rape gangs in Peterborough), Egyptian Christian Convert seeking to escape (He only needs $100 more to get his travel papers and he can go to Canada) or Serkan Engin in Turkey.