Yes, This Terrorism Has a Religion


Last night, after the terrorist attacks in France, leftists began tweeting that terrorism has no religion. But the fact is that while not all muslims are terrorists, almost every major terrorist attack in the past decade has been by muslims.

The attack in Beirut two days ago, the attack in Paris yesterday, the bombing of the Russian jetliner, etc. etc. etc. The list just goes on.

Not all muslims are terrorists, but all the terrorists of late have been muslim. They are not hijacking a religion of peace. They are just complying with a religion that calls for jihad. The Western left can obfuscate and rewrite Islamic history and the religion’s traditions, but it does not change the fact that Islam is a violent religion and a very, very large number of muslims were perfectly fine with 9/11 and with yesterday’s bloodbath in France.

Not all muslims are terrorists. But too many terrorists are devout muslims.