More and more Israeli Jews are murdered just for being Jews, yet the Western media continues pointing its accusatory finger at the only true democracy in the Middle East. Maybe, just maybe, we should take a look at Pakistan, the nation created for Muslims.


Ashraf Sherjan would like to get the word out on Pakistan and Balochistan and what is taking place there:

By: Ashraf Sherjan

All the friends from Israel and from the rest of world ask me the same question.

Where is Balochistan? We have never heard about Balochistan? And why Pakistan is killing Baloch people?

And my answer is Balochistan is a occupied land, occupied byPakistan.


Since Baloch nation is not accepting Pakistan and its Government soPakistan is Killing our Baloch nation. Because Pakistan itself never accepted Balochs yes but only accepted the rich land of Balochistan. A land which is rich of gold gas oil and the sea .


Even after looting our country wealth and in reply or as a gift to Baloch nation we are getting on a daily basis brutal dead bodies, on a daily basis picking up the Baloch youth keeping them in torture cells. No one believes that Pakistan has picked up more than 20,000 Balochs from all over Balochistan. These 20,000 Balochs are innocent Students, Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Poets, Singers, Political Leaders, Activists, Journalists.