Isn’t academic freedom great?

Academic freedom allows you to attack America, boycott Israel, rant about white people, write dissertations without punctuation to protest colonialism and all the ‘right’ kind of things.

But there’s no academic freedom or free speech or any kind of freedom for the ‘wrong’ things. Like Mohammed cartoons.

An American man and a Soviet man are arguing about which country is better.

“I can stand in front of the White House and shout that the President of the United States stinks,” says the American.

“And I can stand in front of the Kremlin and also shout that the President of the United States stinks,” says the Russian.

We’ve finally come around to the Communist definition of freedom in which everyone has the right to stand on the steps of the Kremlin and shout that America sucks.

University of Minnesota faculty members were asked earlier this year to take down posters advertising an academic panel because they included an “offensive” recreated cartoon picture of Mohammed – the one made famous by Charlie Hebdo earlier this year.

Flyers promoting the event featured the now-infamous image of the prophet as it was printed in Charlie Hebdo. The word “censored” was stamped in red diagonally across the cartoon image.

So an already censored cartoon was already re-censored. Expect all the lefties who like to pose by talking about banned books being banned to get right on this sometime between twelve o’clock and never.

In phone calls and a petition, nearly 275 people complained to the campus Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, calling the flyer “blasphemous” and insulting to Muslims, the Minnesota Daily campus newspaper reports.

Does everyone get blasphemous material censored at the University of Minnesota or just Muslims?

The petition read in part that the flyer “violated our religious identity and hurt our deeply held religious affiliations for our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). Knowing that these caricatures hurt and are condemned by 1.75 billion Muslims in the world, the university should not have recirculated/reproduced them.”

These complaints prompted an investigation by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, which ultimately found that while the Mohammad cartoon did not violate university anti-harassment policies, the use of the image illustrated poor judgment and the college’s dean, John Coleman, should voice disapproval of the flyer, the Daily reported.

There you go. But don’t worry. You’re still free to mock other religions. Just not Islam.

Finally, we’re as free as the people in the USSR were. We’re free to have the right views. And isn’t that what freedom of speech is really about?