And Elisha prayed, and said, “Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.”  Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw…   2 Kings 6:17

Their odds were not impossible, though they appeared bleak through human eyes.

The Lord and His horses and chariots were with them.  So we must see with open eyes.  There are people all around us that we can win to Christ and affect for God.  Our odds are not impossible.

God is with us.  And He who is for us is greater than he who is against.  Do not think it is too late, the battle too big.  Rather, believe; follow God into a greater determination in fasting, prayer and winning people.

He is able.

If we wait… we will lose ground in our nation.  Our children will live through what we do not want them to come close to.

If we think, “Well, it’s the end times.  It’s just going to happen when its going to happen” we are incorrect in our understanding. It is the allowance of God because of a lack of concern and care.

Our desire for comfort, as a people, has overridden our concern for souls… And strongholds are increasing in our land because of it.  If we think we are not in a spiritual battle, we need to get out the bible and read again.  The enemy that wages war is against everything God wants.  To steal, kill and destroy is its plan… and it will target our children as well.

We can make a difference, before the throne of God, fasting, praying, and reaching out.
Not impossible. Let’s encourage our people to seek God earnestly for the lost and nation.

 In Christ, the One and Only,

 Kari Bitz


Cord of 3 Ministries