COVID-19 here and COVID-19 there.

Each day, we’re bombarded (I’d say ad nauseam) with reports and news of more COVID-19 “cases,” whatever that term means.

You’d think that this term would be well defined, here, there and everywhere. I wish you luck in finding a standard, generally accepted definition of it. If you succeed, please let me know.

But, don’t despair, there’s a cure for it. Big Pharma is “on the case.”

Some Definitions of “Cases”
  • First, let’s see how Wikipedia defines it: Searching Wikipedia for the definition of “case,” at (accessed on Dec. 29, 2020, 6:21 pm EST) in this context. I could not find any reference to COVID-19, or any other medical meaning of the term “case” – none at all!
  • The CDC (U.S. Centers for Decease Control and Prevention); again just searching for a definition of the term “case” provides only such for Listeriosis: No mention of COVID-19—none at all.
  • Undeterred, further checking found a CDC definition, dating back to April, 2020, answering my quest. There, it states, under the Headlines (also accessed on Dec. 29, 2020) as follows :
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), 2020 Interim Case Definition, Approved April 5, 2020”:

Clinical Criteria

Most interesting, at least in my mind is that “evidence of pneumonia”—by this definition alone—now qualifies as a clinical evidence of COVID-19 “infection.”

Clearly, several decades ago now, I must already have had contracted “COVID-19” already. At that time I felt pretty lousy and went to see our GP physician whose diagnosis of my condition was “pneumonia.” His advice then was: “Rest up and drink lots of fluids and in a few days you’ll be fine again.”

Indeed, having plenty of prescribed fluids on hand and following the good doctorcs advice, after a few days of rest I was eager and ready to go back to work.

And I had just thought of it then as a “case” of the common seasonal flu!

That truly begs the question:

What differentiates the “common flu” from “COVID-19?”

As far as I can reckon, the answer to that question is hard to come by.

Both the “flu” and COVID-19,” diagnosed via the unspecific “PCR” (polymerase-chain-reaction test), appear to test for similar or, perhaps even identical, biological fragments in one’s body.

The Wrong Pandemic

What’s of interesting significance in that regard is also a recent report in the journal Nature that states, inter alia,

“In May [2020], at the tail end of the first wave of COVID-19 deaths in many nations, and when some of the strictest lockdowns were in place, health workers noted an abrupt and early halt to the 2019–20 flu season in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Of course, such trivia is not welcome by the purveyors of the many millions of vaccine doses against this novel covidian type of the coronavirus variety. Nor is it welcome by progress-minded folks at the World Health Organization and their prime disciples (Drs. Tedros, Fauci, Tam, etc.), nor by the movers and shakers (attendance by invitation only) at the World Economic Forum, nor the pharmaceutical giants which may reap great profits from their vaccine products, nor from government entities that may have the best in mind but are, nevertheless, just turning into fear-mongering ping-pong balls of the afore-mentioned.

For another opinion along this line of thought, A. Firstenberg summarized that in a recent post with the title “The Wrong Pandemic.”

With that in mind, please accept my  Best Wishes for You and Yours for 2021

Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser — Bio and ArchivesDr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts Convenient Myths