The Consensus Opinion War on the Constitution, Christianity, and America

We are witnessing a concerted effort through the accelerating conduit of social networking and mass media platforms propelling consensus opinion in legislation, court rulings, corporate policy, and school curriculum into a confounding acceptance to alter and tear down institutions, tradition, and the moral fiber of America. The world’s remaining stronghold and defender of freedom supporting the true democratic values conceived in The Constitution is rapidly imploding. It is not a single blow but rather the death of America by a thousand cuts.

The transformation is amazing. You just have to simply blink or turn off your media device, and you will have missed the next event, announcement, executive order, or piece of legislation corrupting The Constitution; or a ballistic and demeaning cyber attack on one’s moral convictions as extreme, bigoted, or simply no longer a normal person in the human race.

With weapons of social media clearly ramping up in the remaining term of President Obama, we have entered a heightened level of consensus opinion where a perpetual slant of victimization, injustice, and a lack of love has set in motion the planet’s greatest societal revolution. It was not long ago that certain moral and sexually related issues and lifestyles were seen as taboo, troubling, and illegal. Today’s revival stemming from the surging 1960s societal gyration is refurbished, reorganized, and advancing.

It is now the LGBT community, climate change advocates, and a racial narrative that has become the norm, where those grounded in their Christian Faith or aligned in their conservative political affiliation are now seen as the oddballs, out of touch, and the extreme detractors of progressive liberalism.

Who would have ever comprehended just a few years ago the praise and adulation showered upon a well known male Olympic athlete’s transgender evolution into a woman?  Aside from attempting to fathom this massive genetic engineering shift, one can not underestimate the social impact in turning away from what both God and nature has deemed the biological and instinctive means for the human race to successfully sustain itself on the natural foundation of a father and mother raising a family. It is this view or opinion that will be seen as absurd and insensitive according to consensus opinion. It is a twisted logic that if you differ from 21st century unanimity that you are now somehow illegitimate.

The unsuspected global masses are being swept up in consensus opinion. They simply fall in line through ignorance or remain silent to one’s convictions out of fear of losing their status by being pigeon-holed as one of them. We are essentially assimilated from all angles, whether through social media, educators, news journalism, or government. The mass delusion here is liberalism’s espoused and sought after liberty for victims held back by ill conceived traditional values and biblical teachings while seeking to oppress the freedom and increasing the level of persecution of those opposing the shift.

The reformation hatched a plan to employ government through legislation, judicial decisions, elected seats of power, and employing distinct concentrations such as unions, corporations, and schools that possess structured internal mechanisms to be deployed among their constituents and stakeholders on behalf of the victim.

Think and relate back to the consensus opinion of a very small percentage of driven individual’s ability to control and inflict power and influence in the Soviet Union’s communist conquest, the Third Reich convincing their countrymen that Jews required extermination, or Mao replacing the family structure with the collective that resulted in 55 million inhabitants starving to death. We also know these evils imploded or were eventually defeated by the rising up of the disillusioned masses as we see in the support of Republican Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump or any other grass roots candidate not associated with a big government takeover.

What is at stake? What is the endgame? When will the liberal leftist agenda be satisfied? It is when The Constitution is chipped away and becomes attenuated. It is when those who stand behind the Constitution are seen as dangerous to the modernization and are forced into conformity under consensus opinion. Some Christian circles may even refer to the Book of Revelation where one must choose between their Faith and the dire consequences. Were not Jews once branded with the Star of David?

Supreme Court’s Re-Definition of Marriage is Leading to Christian Persecution

Consensus opinion caught up to the five Supreme Court Justices in their historic 5-4 decision on the right of same-sex marriage in every State. This new definition of marriage undermines the bedrock foundation of mankind, the family structure that has been place for over 6,000 years, and the brick and mortar of a society to flourish. The High Court has extended its role from Constitution enforcer to activist where the democratic process of the People’s and State’s rights have been mitigated and all but sidelined by a single vote. This decision, whether you support same-sex marriage or not, should be a wake up call to the Court’s threat to American democracy to usurp the State’s birthrights that were once protected by the 10th Amendment of The Constitution.

This inversion of the original meaning of liberty (freedom from government action, not a right to a particular government entitlement) has set a collision course with religious organizations that will cause adverse damage to the constitutional order that protects their liberty. This decision was not about marriage equality, but rather altering the definition of marriage. There will be a concerted effort through the courts on human rights initiatives when the churches are confronted with demands to participate and endorse civil marriages between same-sex couples or the fulfillment of polymorphous relationships.  Churches will seek protection from within The Constitution that clearly supports religious liberty as they hold fast to the biblical truth that marriage is between one man and one woman established by God, that no earthly court can alter.

Think this is far-reaching, well think again. Owners of a small family farm in Upstate New York were recently fined $13,000 for refusing to host a same-sex marriage on their personal property. They are also being required to attend sensitivity education training. The family said the court’s decision violates their free exercise of religion and expression protected under The Constitution. The judge’s order is forcing them to give up their Faith, or give up their working and economic livelihood. This ruling must not be used as a pretext by government to further suppress one’s freedom by forcing those who have sincerely held convictions to participate in ceremonies that would be in clear violation of America’s long held commitment to religious liberty protected by the First Amendment.

Social activism is another lever and instrument gaining traction in rooting out and persecuting Christians. Tweets and online media have become the cultural weapon that has no geographical nation-state boundaries from which those facing persecution can make an exodus to another land or place of safety. Activists have resorted to cyber bullying in the pursuit of their agenda.

Case and point is a small pizzeria in the recent Religious Freedom Bill in Indiana where an employee working in the pizzeria was asked if their business would cater a gay wedding. The employee apparently responded that they would decline due to their values and religious faith. The ensuing backlash exploded through multiple digital platforms resulting in the pizzeria having to shut the business down due to threats and negative publicity.

There have been questions whether the pizzeria blow-up was a contrived effort to search for a single business that would become the poster boy in creating a fevered hysteria over a Christian homophobic ma and pop business refusing to serve members of the LGBT.  They searched and found an employee making a comment and quickly placed the yellow Star of David on the front window of the Pizzeria. There is some buzz that the vicious onslaught was executed by a technological algorithm where the tweeted message of disgust and persecution exponentially multiplied and flooded the market to fictitiously represent a world in outrage.

Living one’s Christian values and personal convictions in the modern era of instantaneous breaking news and tweets may result in an unknown fate. One can certainly prevent any wanton and cruel hastening of it by remaining silent or becoming part of the conversion, but it can not avert it because it is brought on by forces which carry us all along like dust upon a whirlwind.

World Authority Threatens The Constitution

What is very alarming on the world stage and a further threat to the US Constitution is the calls by Pope Francis for a global political authority to save humanity from what he claims utter disaster. The new encyclical has made the fight against climate change the central pillar of his papacy. He is planning to meet with President Obama prior to addressing the UN in September to garner support and seal the deal.
A leading German professor, who is known to comment in the past that the planet is overpopulated by six billion people, was chosen as a speaker for the Vatican’s rollout of the Papal document. The professor, closely tied to the Pope, also believes we need a version of a world government consisting of an Earth Constitution that would transcend the UN Charter, a Global Council elected by the people of the Earth, and a Planetary Court that would be a transnational legal body overseeing violations of the Earth Constitution.

On the contrary, data received from the US Climate Reference Network in all 50 states, has shown no sign of global warming over the last 10 years. In fact, there has been a very slight cooling in temperatures across the US. But at this point, consensus opinion has the world bought into the universal agreement where a solid majority of the population actually believes climate change is the greatest threat that humanity faces. Rising temperatures have not come anywhere close to the projected global warming models. The greater truth lies in the levels of carbon in polar ice core samples that indicate a healthy and improving planet. Opposing scientific data has been bought off or simply sidelined as nonsensible or skeptics with their own agenda. It is my understanding that conflicting scientific data is a standard by which a theory can not be held up as fact, therefore a planet heating can not be substantiated and must be considered false.

While educators are working diligently to environmentally indoctrinate the next generation on the imminent climatic disaster leaving us under water, the liberal progressives are foraging ahead on global governance in an effort to divert greater authority to world bodies and freeze out national and state legislators. The Obama regime is on board when the President recently gave a commencement address to a military academy where he affirmed climate change to be the greatest threat that humanity currently faces. Quite the venue to make a claim as the military graduates witness ISIS tearing a swath of tyranny through the Middle East, Iran’s religious zealots threatening the US as they build a nuclear arsenal, and Russia expanding its national borders and upgrading their intercontinental nuclear missile program. It truly makes one wonder if we are truly in good hands.

If that was not enough, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told an audience gathered at a White House conference on June 23rd that “normal people”, not climate deniers will win the debate on global warming. Implicit in her remarks is the contention that global warming skeptics are somehow not normal human beings. She went on to say, “It is normal human beings that want us to do the right thing”.

Diminishing States’ Rights

Closer to home, one can conclude many of the thousands of police departments have issues related to poor leadership, a lack of training and empathy, and in some departments an embedded culture of racist overtones and perceptions towards minority neighborhoods. It is also quite clear that many police departments are on their heels and in a state of disarray as they find themselves attempting to patrol the dangerous streets; yet on the defense against a scrutiny of government officials, “black lives matter’ activists, rioters, and the media.

To be clear, this is not simply about inadequate policing but rather law enforcement identified as a catalyst to persuade and capitalize on a much larger agenda beyond police discrimination and profiling. There is a concerted hit on local and state policing being targeted in an effort to marginalize their power and influence. The rioting and lawlessness following crime and death in the streets bode well for the activism and government officials seeking to remove local and state jurisdictions and replace them with a federal and centralized structure that will create the framework to escalate the consolidation and merger of a new order.

In the aftermath of the Baltimore riots, Al Sharpton, a leading activist voice representing Black America with a direct line to Oval Office, is calling on the Department of Justice to take over the policing in the country. Sharpton said we need to fight State’s rights and close down the police. He claims states rights to be dangerous and the enemy of civil rights. Sharpton’s mission is to remove a cornerstone of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence which exists to secure natural and fundamental rights of individuals and not the entitlements of the collective.

The Tenth Amendment of the Constitution unequivocally delegates authority to the people: the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectfully, or to the people.

Thinking Sharpton’s pugnacious mission is simply an extreme lunatic on the far left seeking the limelight? Well, may be so, but think again. Sharpton’s closely knit ties with Obama has seen the President move on an initiative to federalize state and local police when he introduced a “Task Force on 21st Century Policing” that will impose federal standards through the Justice Department. The task force has now called for Obama to support the creation of a National Crime and Justice Task Force, which would be charged with examining all aspects of the criminal justice system and suggesting reforms at the state level. The wheels are in motion and a Presidential executive order is not likely far behind.

What led up to Sharpton’s strike on the constitution following the Baltimore riots? The mayor of Baltimore cleared the path for Obama’s front man when she instructed the local police to stand down and allow the rioters to exercise their rights to free speech. The rioters were given carte blanche to rampage, loot, and burn down their own neighborhood. One must question whether her actions were contrived and she was schooled in exasperating and diminishing local law enforcement in an effort to further the cause and need for 21st century policing. Did we ever think a day would come when the gangs would be given free rein in a rampage of destruction, while the police are handcuffed on the sidelines in full view of the approved criminal activity? A delusional America has lost her way when this wrong became a right to lawlessness.

On June 29th, without much fanfare and under the radar of everyday Americans going about their business, the US Supreme Court rejected a joint appeal from Arizona and Kansas that would have allowed the states to require applicants to show proof of citizenship while registering to vote. In throwing out the case, the court stated that the Election Assistance Commission – the federal agency now overseeing state’s voter registration processes would not grant the states’ request that proof of citizenship be required. The court believes the federal process requiring voters to swear they are citizens is a sufficient safe guard against voter fraud.

President Obama, and two supporting groups, the League of Women Voters and the League of United Latin-American Citizens urged the Supreme Court not to hear the case. This is a huge landmark victory for a number of obvious reasons. First, the Democratic Party and Liberal supporters will reap the majority of those voting without proper identification, and secondly it is a further federal infringement by the Obama regime on state’s rights and more chipping away at The Constitution. This ruling is certainly difficult to grasp knowing it will allow greater likelihood of illegal immigrants or non Americans to vote as US citizens for candidates favoring a lenient position on their immigration status. This decision by the high court is far reaching and very damaging to America. It simply goes against common sense.

Where is the Political Opposition?

Where is the opposition to the culture war on tradition, values, and The Constitution? Conservatives and the Republican Party have lost the narrative on social issues. There seems little willingness to take a stand or champion a position that breaks with the liberal and media generated consensus opinion out of fear of public criticism as being out of touch and a bigot. May be they are worried about losing their financial donors and a loss what remaining political influence they may posses in holding their seat in government.

Conservative opposition has been cowered into a defensive position with efforts to tweak and soften the liberal agenda in an effort to mitigate the social issues and be seen to be placating the disenfranchised and frustrated social conservatives and Christian base. Some Republican contenders for President may see the Supreme Court’s same-sex ruling to be a benefit with the debate on redefining marriage off the table and no longer an issue peppering them on the stump.  Some candidates for President simply claim it is now a law and need to move forward on economic issues.

On the contrary, it is a fallacy to believe this Court’s decision on redefining marriage some how overrides the democratic process and we simply turn the page and move on to the next day as if nothing significant took place. Conservative candidates who are not willing to stand up on the social issues is not what the Country needs as the liberal quest to further erode America will continue and not let up. Unfortunately, compromise has become the mantra of the day. The Republican candidates are in a critical position to advocate in their platform a reversal of the decision through the three branches of elected representatives. Will they act and will America respond?

Pressing Towards Utopia

The underlying liberal utopian vision bearing down on The Constitution has simply been refurbished and not replaced. The psychological and spiritual societal warfare that has ebbed and flowed over the past 50 years with the rise of the feminist movement’s right to terminate unwanted pregnancies, the demonstrating environmental and anti-war movements, and the psychedelic drug and sex induced 1960s is now climaxing and matured throughout present day institutions such as the courts, various levels of government, the media, religious denominations, and school curriculums. The appetite to destroy what has stood in their way and denied liberals of their utopian fantasies of abundant love and polymorphous perversity has accelerated and continues to acquire momentum.

The ebb has flowed into sentiment and belief in an artificial socialist freedom without restraint that has emerged under a President elected on a grandiose hope of lifting up the downtrodden and unifying the country into the Promised Land. Instead, we have a Chicago-style government that no longer fears the people and a people that fear the government and consensus opinion. Most Americans might suggest that there is a greater division, frustration, and partisanship during the President and Mrs. Obama reign. The current liberal generation has emerged from the tumultuous revolution in the 1960s where sexual repression and disdain for American values bound their aspirations with an ensuing unhappiness and angst that is never satisfied and always seeking to avenge.

Under President Obama, a former community organizer and civil rights attorney, much has been achieved for the liberal revival. One can assume much more in the liberal agenda will be cemented in place over the remaining year of the regime; whether through judicial rulings or presidential executive orders that bypasses the constitutional law making process. On June 30th, Obama said the list is long and he is instructing his team to “squeeze every ounce of progress that we can make” while he remains in office. What remains on this list, and should America be worried?

All this happened not by accident or a natural evolution of mankind, but by an interlocking set of pressures, agreements, and expectations contrived over an extremely short generational timeline. The activist reformation, now fully integrated throughout all segments of society, may have thought they could improve the fiber of America and the family nucleus by bending this lever or adjusting that flywheel; instead they may be tilting the nation out of its created order.

A New Beginning will Rise

There is a growing war being fought in a divided America facing internal weaponry of judicial activism, the White House, and multiple social media platforms driving consensus opinion on The Constitution and Christian Faith. To be clear, this is not a broader war on religious liberties. We are unlikely to see same-sex couples seeking to consummate their marital ceremonies in Muslim temples where there are strict teachings against homosexual unions and acts that would result in death in some circles. Rather, it is a concerted war on Christianity and The Constitution that is seen as a greater threat to the liberal progressive advances and who will retain power in the White House and maintain the Obama legacy and agenda. If you think Obama is going away after his term, think again.

We may see a two-tiered church where some Christian denominations fall in line with the liberal democratic government’s agenda. We have already witnessed some traditional churches now conducting same-sex marriages. Another tier of the church may go underground and forms cells that remain faithful to the Word of God. It is the former that will follow a similar path of some Christian Orthodox churches politically aligned as they are in Russia, albeit with differing political agendas, in retaining their power by supporting the government.

To witness the faltering freedom of America from our own hands, we beckon the Almighty’s hand to mend and restore a greater blessing, for much suffering in the shackles of sin and persecution can only lead to glory. Worry not that God stands with America, but rather if America stands with God for the end of a time becomes a beginning of a time, knowing America will once again be seen as the best and lasting hope of the free world.

While a growing worry over America and The Constitution, know there is overwhelming agreement with the original idea for which the struggle was made, that one shall be an unassuming and undeserving instrument in the hands of God, in the midst of persecution for America, and for immortalizing the objective of this great struggle we face. We are not alone.

Rich Berdan