THE FOLLOWING FROM OLIVE TREE MINISTRIES: JAN MARKELL was written in 2012 and is still an amazingly pertinent indicator of the death of America:
The Biggest Cover-Up in History?
By Jan Markell
December 10, 2012 “Cover-up, lies, deceit and elected or appointed U.S. officials sounding like babbling fools. That describes America in recent months as the country has been manipulated and seduced with many Americans believing the made-up stories because our highest officials just couldn’t possibly be deceiving us.
Or could they? Yes, they could, and they actually love the deviousness.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) says that the Benghazi ordeal will “go down as the biggest cover-up in history.”

The story will require a tell-all book someday. It will probably reveal secrets so outrageous that we can hardly imagine it now. The story will have many angles weaving in and out including gun-running to Syria, the recruiting of fighters for al-Qaeda, the failed attempt at hostage swapping, a failed October surprise, a mysterious Turkish ambassador and other shadowy Middle East figures.

Why would people in the highest offices in America be involved in what is known as “the hell-hole of the Middle East,” Benghazi, Libya? Is this a hill to die on? What plans could have been birthed there and possibly died there? It is an area crawling with terrorists, thugs and criminals and is so dark that our workers there cried out for more security many weeks before that fateful September 11, 2012.

So this is just a tease. Understanding the Times radio has tried to be cutting-edge for its 12-year stint on Christian radio. We have frequently dealt with the inconvenient truth. This past weekend my co-host, Eric Barger, joined forces with Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to try to unravel the complicated scenario.

My assistant, Heidi Swander, said this about the broadcast and Web bonus which are posted here and here.
“I remember a number of weeks ago when I stood at the office copier and just wept after hearing what our own government had done in leaving American diplomats and soldiers to be slaughtered in cold blood.

What kind of heartless, gutless, self-minded administration does this? I came to the conclusion within 15 minutes of the show that this was a set-up for the Antichrist to say, ‘Worship me or die’ as Eric mentioned at the end of both the radio hour and Web bonus.”

Heidi concludes, “This entire show — both radio and Web bonus — are phenomenal. It is information that just isn’t out there for the average American citizen. And they need to know this. Eric, wonderful job of investigating and securing Michele Bachmann to speak with you. I certainly do hope we have her back in the near future. She is like Gary Kah or Bill Koenig, presenting information that the public will otherwise not know.”

The 90 minute program considers some other vital issues including:

* Discussion of the global blasphemy law which will criminalize any speech that disparages Islam. How could this affect the pulpit, witnessing, missions, and even Christian book publishing? Would you be outspoken if criticizing or correcting Islam were a crime? Would you write a book about it, or preach a sermon?

* The spreading darkness of The Muslim Brotherhood. As a result, there is Sharia ascendancy in the Middle East now, the bitter fruit of the “Arab Spring.” Nation after nation now flies the black flag of al-Qaeda. Is this all a set up? If so, who is the kingpin? How is it possible that the White House, State Department, CIA, Homeland Security, and National Intelligence Agency are all okay with what is happening? None of them sound an alarm! How can hundreds or thousands of insiders be seduced into believing that what is happening is just a democratic revolution?

* As prophesied, Israel is now all alone. Jordan is next in line to fall. And once again our leaders all seem fine with this and look with favor on her peril. What they don’t understand is the overwhelming peril that brings to America. They are clueless. There is such strong delusion that America’s leaders seem to feel that Sharia ascendancy is the desired formula for Mideast peace.

* Many fine watchmen are blowing a siren including Michele Bachmann, Frank Gaffney, Clare Lopez, Andrew McCarthy, World Net Daily, and even Olive Tree Ministries. Are we just 21st century McCarthyites? Shouldn’t we be taken seriously?

* What about the Huma Abedin connection? She has been Hillary Clinton’s aide since 1996. Her family are Muslim Brotherhood operatives, yet Huma married a Jew, Anthony Weiner, a year or two ago. Muslims just don’t marry Jews so what is the story behind the story?

* FBI training manuals are being purged so that references to Islam are more positive. Consider the grave danger this poses to America when our staunchest enemies have to be painted as good and not evil.”