The clash of civilizations unveiled for all to see.
October 9, 2015 Emerson Vermaat

Since January 2014 and early 2015 at least 34 Syrian child brides applied for asylum in the Netherlands, according to a leaked internal report from Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). And 22 are on their way to Holland. A law to ban such marriages is in the pipeline, but until this new law comes into force, Dutch immigration authorities and the police cannot do anything about such marriages. According to the IND, two of the girls are only thirteen years old. And a 38-year-old man in Holland claimed to be married to a 15-year-old Syrian girl. “These girls are still children,” Ineke van Winden from the Center Against Child and Human Trafficking (CKM) told the Dutch Radio and TV station “RTV Noord” which also leaked the alarming IND findings. “They are usually coming from refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey where they are forced into early marriages,” Ineke van Winden says. The Dutch newspaper Trouw reports that three Syrian child brides are applying for asylum in Holland every week.

Criminal migrant traffickers in Europe are extremely well organized and often more powerful than law enforcement agencies or even governments. Some very efficient crime networks consist of former asylum seekers from Africa (notably from Somalia and Eritrea) and the Muslim world (notably from Syria and Iraq) who have taken advantage of liberal and humane asylum laws in Holland, Germany and Sweden. These criminals often operate along ethnic lines.

In Holland, for example, a 35-year-old former Syrian asylum seeker was arrested in the city of Eindhoven last September. He and his younger nephew, also a former Syrian asylum seeker, ran an extensive migrant trafficking network smuggling hundreds, possibly even thousands of Syrian asylum seekers to the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. They also operated in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria and Hungary and were making huge profits.

On October 1, 2015, the Amsterdam based newspaper De Volkskrant published a highly interesting interview with Max Klingberg, the Middle East expert of the International Society for Human Rights (IGFM) in Frankfurt. He claims that there are many religious fanatics among the refugees from the Muslim world. There are many asylum seekers “who consider that beating your own wife is culturally normal. I once witnessed how a Pakistani man was beating his wife. When I protested he began to lash out against me, saying I shouldn’t meddle into his affairs, because his wife was his property.” “We must abandon the idea that all refugees are human rights warriors.”

Die Welt reported on September 28, 2015, that German police cannot cope with the massive influx of asylum seekers anymore. “In one weekend alone about 40,000 asylum seekers entered Germany, this is roughly equal to the population of a small city,” Jörg Radek, the president of the German Police Union (GDP) told Die Welt. He complains about frequent violent clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims. He recommends that it would be much better if asylum seekers with diverse religious backgrounds would not be accommodated in the same asylum seekers centers or refugee camps. Radek says that the police are simply overpowered. “Different groups began to organize themselves and mass brawls have already broken out. Up to 21 police cars were needed.” In Suhl, in the Province of Thuringia (Southeast Germany), 17 asylum seekers were injured after clashes between Muslims and Christians.

Max Klingberg told the German weekly Focus that a group of Afghan asylum seekers urinated on the stolen underwear of an Iranian Christian woman who was also seeking asylum in Germany. “Leaving Islam is seen as apostasy from the true faith and regarded as a sin deserving death,” Klingberg said. “Many Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan have been brought up with this idea. Such attitudes don’t change just because they are now living here.” “And the problem is getting worse now.”

On September 27, 2015, the German newspaper Die Welt carried a story on Rev. Gottfried Martens, a German Christian pastor in Berlin-Steglitz. There are 600 Iranian and Afghan converts to Christianity who are members of his church. “I baptized most of them myself,” Rev. Martens told Die Welt. “Virtually all of them are confronted with problems in their asylum seekers centers.” “Strictly religious Muslims in those centers espouse the view that wherever they are, Sharia must be respected.” Martens is afraid that these Muslim fanatics will pose an even more serious threat to religious freedom in Germany once they have left the asylum centers and their applications for asylum have been accepted. I myself will not be very surprised when they also oppress women and abuse Jews.

The British Daily Mail reported on September 24, 2015 that “rape and child abuse are rife in German refugee camps. Unsegregated conditions blamed as women are seen as fair game in overcrowded migrant centers.” In Giessen (in Western Germany), for example, “women were often too afraid to walk around the camp even during the day, volunteers claimed, while some victims are too terrified to report sexual assaults by the men.”

A 22-year-old mother and her one-and-half-year-old baby were attacked near her own home by a very aggressive 33-year-old asylum seeker in Gilze en Rijen, a village in the southern part of the Netherlands. This occurred on September 19, 2015. Jan Boelhouwer, the mayor of Gilze en Rijen, asked the Dutch Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) to see to it that this man will be put in another asylum seekers center.

In Oude Pekela, in the northern Dutch Province of Groningen, an angry 16-year-old asylum seeker attacked a female cashier in a supermarket store on October 1, 2105. She had to be rescued by other employees, one of whom was bitten by the young man.

Fights between Syrian and Eritrean asylum seekers broke out in the Dutch asylum seekers center of Overberg on Thursday night September 24, 2015. Both groups are hating each other and not just in Overberg.

The German Federal Crime Agency or Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) reported in 2015 that there were over 600,000 non-German crime suspects in Germany in 2014. There were 84,472 Turkish crime suspects, 29,500 Syrian crime suspects, 17,608 Eritrean crime suspects and 14,650 Kosovar crime suspects. Other non-German citizens overrepresented in crime statistics are Afghans, Moroccans, Bosnians, Iraqis, Iranians, Somalis and Nigerians.

In early October 2015 the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR reported that the arrivals by sea in Greece was nearing 400,000. “The total number of refugees and immigrants crossing the Mediterranean this year stands now close to the 530,000 mark. In September, 168,000 people crossed the Mediterranean, the highest monthly figure ever recorded and almost five times the number in September 2014.” Most of these asylum seekers want to travel to Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Many refugees have large families in their home countries or in refugee centers in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Some of them have more than one wife. They are entitled to family reunification once their applications for asylum have been accepted.

Arnold Karskens is an experienced Dutch journalist who has covered many wars. In a recent interview by Villamedia, the official organ of the Netherlands Association of Journalists (NVJ), Karskens not only criticized the powerful migrant trafficking mafia in Turkey and other European countries but also the “asylum mafias” in Europe. “The daily influx of of boat refugees reminds me of a regular ferry service. Two weeks ago I saw in Lesbos [Greek island near Turkey] how five boats arrived one after another, carrying a total number of 250 people. Nobody is stopping those boats.” Karskens says that the bulk of those who leave a safe country such as Turkey are economic migrants. Karskens saw how refugees left a five-star all-inclusive hotel in the Turkish coastal town of Bodrum before they were shipped to nearby Greece.

Mass immigration from Africa and the Muslim world must be stopped at all costs. Europe must follow the example of Australia. European navies and coast guards must send all those boats back to Turkey and North Africa. Highly corrupt Greece must leave the Schengenzone and the Euro; Turkey must never be allowed to join the European Union.

Migrant trafficking poses a direct threat to Europe’s security and cultural identity. Through mass immigration Europe is importing conflicts, cultural and religious backwardness as well as crime and anti-Semitism from the immigrants’ home countries.

Today, many synagogues and Jewish schools in Europe have to protected by the police, and for good reason. This was not necessary in the 1950s and 1960s. Too many second-generation Muslim immigrants in Europe are highly susceptible to crime, radicalism and anti-Semitism, leaving their parents often flabbergasted.

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