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Author: Heather Kolaya-Spealman
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Every day in every country — jihad metastasizes just as jihad-denial and concerns about islamofauxbia grows.


“Spain arrests 11 in operation against Islamists in Catalonia,” By Reuters, April 2015
Catalan police officers escort a detained suspect in Sabadell during an operation against Islamist militants

MADRID, April 8 (Reuters) – Spain arrested eleven people on suspicion of being part of a militant Islamist cell planning an attack in the northeastern region of Catalonia, a Catalan police spokeswoman said.

About 360 police took part in early morning raids at 17 properties, part of a year-long investigation which has also included the arrests of three Spaniards attempting to enter Syria from Bulgaria in December, the spokeswoman said.

“The arrested are assumed to be implicated in diverse crimes related to jihadist terrorism, especially linked to Islamic State,” the police said in a statement.

Spain has arrested more than 30 people for suspected militant activity this year and is making efforts to stop the radicalisation of young Muslims and prevent them joining armed groups in Syria or Iraq or attacking targets at home. (Reporting by Inmaculada Sanz and Paul Day; Writing by Paul Day; Editing by Louise Ireland)