Sharia Law Is Taking Root in America Because There Are Still People Who believe Islam is a Religion of Peace

By Shoebat Foundation on February 26, 2015

Lisa Daftari’s family fled Iran during the 1979 Revolution that culminated in the overthrow of the Shah. While she was born and lives in the U.S., Daftari knows all about Sharia law and insists it has already taken root in America.–

When voters in states like Oklahoma, which voted overwhelmingly on an anti-Sharia law amendment, a judge struck the amendment down; Muslim civil rights groups and the ACLU got involved as well. Lawsuits were filed that said an amendment affirming the Constitution were unconstitutional.
Even in cases where bills are passed and amendments are voted on that are supposed to be anti-Sharia, even if Judges don’t interfere, the final versions can often be watered down so much that there is no actual change in effect because singling out Sharia law is perceived as discriminating against a religion. The problem is that no other religion is so rigidly based in a political system with laws that run exactly counter to the U.S. Constitution.
Last year, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) put forth a bill that would identify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and sanction all of its front groups. The bill has not gone anywhere but even former Vice President Dick Cheney told Bachmann that he’d support such legislation if he were in the Senate.

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