Proof our southern border is under attack by Muslim extremists


Hello I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. America is in deep trouble. Your families are in grave danger. Imminent danger. I have breaking news that has been shared by a border agent with only me. The question is: Why isn’t your government sharing this threat with the American people? And why aren’t major mainstream news organizations like The New York Times, CNN or Fox News reporting on it? Why is there a media blackout?

The breaking news that I’m talking about is the grave imminent danger of radical Muslim terrorists crossing our open border with Mexico to attack our homeland. I’ve warned this was likely happening in hundreds of media interviews, speeches and columns for over a year now.

My prediction is no longer a fear. It is now a fact.

My trusted insider source at U.S. Customs and Border Protection called me only days ago to ask me to tell the American people about this imminent threat. He told me to “imitate Paul Revere” and get the message out to all Americans, before it’s too late. His quote was: “We don’t need to wait for Middle Eastern military-age males to invade our border. They are here. The Obama administration will not report this. But the American people need to know.”

Here is the news, as reported to me from a trusted border agent.

First, the U.S. government has received an urgent alert from the government of Mexico that Syrian military-age males are on the ground in Mexico and feared headed for the U.S. border. U.S. border agents are on extreme high alert.

This crucial threat has not been announced by our government. Why are the American people being kept in the dark? Why isn’t major media like The New York Times, CNN or Fox News reporting this? Why am I, a conservative political commentator, the only person with this important information? If one brave border agent wasn’t a close and trusted friend of mine, no one in the American public would know about this. That’s remarkable.

Now comes the second piece of the puzzle, also unannounced to the public. Connect the dots.

At this same time, alarm bells were set off across the entire border agent community by the capture only days ago of 11 Pakistanis at the San Diego border. This is another giant, blinking red flag. This is the first capture of its kind, according to my border agent source. Very few Middle Eastern military-age males have ever been captured at the U.S.-Mexico border. But even more alarming is the fact that there has never been a capture of 11 Middle Eastern military-age men in one group before. Let me stress, this has never happened before.

Again, this capture has not been reported by the U.S. government. Why? Don’t the American people have a right to know?

To make matters more alarming, my border agent source says they all entered Mexico with passports. But when they were captured crossing the border in San Diego, suddenly they had no passports. They claimed their passports were “stolen.” Their identities were confirmed from the Mexican database that originally logged their entry into Mexico. Why were they trying to hide their country of origin? Were they trying to blend in as “just more Mexicans crossing the border” so as to not set off alarm bells? Again let me stress: Why isn’t this story in the mainstream media?

Then yesterday, I received a new urgent message from my trusted border agent friend. Six more Pakistanis were captured crossing in the same spot from Mexico into San Diego. This is no longer a “coincidence.” This is a pattern. This is a sign of a new threat against our homeland.

This is bad news, folks. Something is wrong. My border agent friend says this has never happened before. And if 17 Pakistanis were captured within days, how many more have evaded capture? Are there hundreds already in the United States that were never caught by border agents? How many more are on the way? Will our border soon have a massive Muslim illegal immigrant crisis just like our allies in Europe?

And here’s the million-dollar question: Who is sending Middle Eastern military-age males to America? Who is paying for them? Is ISIS footing the bill? With what intent?

My source warns this is “the real thing.” These are likely bad guys coming to do us harm. This is proof positive of the disaster we’re facing from Obama administration policies that have produced a porous open border with Mexico. And let’s not forget Mexico is warning us that Syrian military-age males are also on the ground, headed our way.

Our government has made no announcement of these alerts and incidents. Connect the dots. This is a very bad sign. Our borders are open. Thousands of miles are poorly guarded. There is no wall. There aren’t enough border agents. Bad guys from the Middle East know our border is wide open. They will send thousands of bad guys our way, knowing they only need a few to get through.

These are just the first bad guys from the Middle East caught. But this is a surefire sign that hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of others have already crossed into America. Or they are en route. We face imminent, grave danger.

Military-age males are not coming here from Muslim war zones to play golf. They are not coming here for jobs. (By the way, news flash: There are no jobs. We have over 94 million working-age Americansnot working) They are coming here to do us harm.

And how do dirt-poor Middle Eastern military-age males from across the globe get to Mexico? They can’t walk. There is an ocean to cross. They are penniless. It costs thousands of dollars per immigrant to be smuggled from Syria or Pakistan halfway around the world to Mexico. Common sense tells us these are radical Muslim terrorists smuggled into Mexico by ISIS or al-Qaida to carry out terrorist attacks in the United States. If not, why not smuggle in women or children? Why only military-age males?

Common sense dictates the only way Pakistani or Syrian military-age males could get to Mexico or America is with the help of ISIS or other terrorist organizations. This is a plan. This is a coordinated attack upon America.

Until our borders are secured, until a wall is built, until drones are placed along the border to warn border agents of security breaches, America faces imminent danger and potential mass tragedy.

You are not safe. Your children are not safe. Our economy is not safe. One more massive 9/11-like terrorist attack in the middle of an “Obama economy” (already on the verge of collapse), and we all face economic Armageddon. And our enemies know that. The question is:Why doesn’t President Obama care?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. See you next week. God bless America.