NETHERLANDS: As backlash against stampede of Muslim parasites grows, Geert Wilders’ anti-Islamization Freedom Party surges in popularity


Angry Dutch parent asks: “With hundreds of young Muslim males being housed in asylum centers in our neighborhoods, can you guarantee my daughter can walk around safely in a short skirt or will she be found in the park, screaming, with her legs spread apart as a Muslim migrant is raping her?”

Roni Stoker Usually slow to anger, the Dutch people are now outraged at politicians who ignore their concerns about the threats posed by totally unscreened Muslim invaders and mass protests against them are becoming the norm all around the country. Everywhere informative gatherings on Muslim migrants take place, they are countered by mass protests.

Geert Wilders' Freedom Party opens a hotline for complaints about the Muslim invaders

The vast majority of Dutch people don’t want Muslims in their neighborhood. In Rotterdam Beverwaard, the protest turned into a revolt. Youths and young adults threw rocks and fireworks at the police. Councillors In Rijswijk who support the Muslim asylum seekers are receiving threatening letters. Talk show celebrities take the expected left wing positions.

Dutch News  Dutch Muslim organizations say they have seen an increase in anti-Muslim incidents following an ‘occupation’ of a mosque under construction in Leiden. Five men aged between 21 and 35 climbed onto the roof of the mosque and hung up banners reading ‘stop Islam’ and ‘the victory begins in Leiden’.


Identitair Verzet (identity resistance) later claimed responsibility on Facebook. ‘This is the first act in a series against the Islamization of the Netherlands,’ the Facebook page said. The group called on ‘all activists and sympathizers in the Netherlands and Flanders’ to join the resistance movement.

RRW  A Dutch member of parliament (NOT Geert Wilders) called for a purge of mosques in the Netherlands during a debate on the integration of Muslim and Turkish minorities.

"Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful country," says Dutch politician Machiel de Graaf. "The Netherlands must be de-Islamised, all Mosques must be closed."

“Dutch unity, identity and culture are being wrecked by immigration and refusal to assimilate, which is integral to the Hijra. We do not want Islam in the Netherlands,” said Machiel de Graaf. He called for closing down all mosques in the country, emphasizing that the Netherlands would be better off without any mosques, the Assyrian International News Agency reports.

According to de Graaf, Muslims in the country are not being integrated into Dutch society because they don’t want to be, but prefer to live in parallel Islamic societies. They also threaten Dutch identity and culture by breeding large litters of kids.


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  1. Lok waht the marrocs say!

    Many Moroccans agree with Geert Wilders, the leader of the populist Freedom Party, who recently stated that the violence being committed by Moroccan-Dutch youths in the Netherlands is a “Moroccan problem”. The assertion is based on reactions from people who read an RNW article about a linesman who died after being beaten up by a group of Moroccan-Dutch teenagers.

    Also some years ago Marrocan Parents wanted a closing hour for their own children in NL!!The don´t hear what the parents say and do what they want…

    Also it was in NL that Muslims forced a doctor 1 hour long to reanimate a patient in a hospital.Hey Muslims if you belive that the dead will live again then you must convert to christianity,don´t you know?

  2. The major media and the politicians are all in league. This Dutch program, with Leftist media reporters is exactly as it is in the USA. All media in the USA is owned now by 5-6 OWNERS. These owners are rich financiers who are in absolute control of the talking heads. They enjoy controlling agenda and manipulating the world. They all work in concert. What they’re doing now is to attempt to create a “cohort effect.” What that is means is, they will continue to attempt to create a sense of public perception that degrades the concerns and the will of the Dutch citizen who is not in lock-step with their agenda. Their aim is to weaken opposition to their plants. People who don’t agree with the agenda are “stupid” “loud” “racist” etc. but they never ever address the issues with balance or clarity, or even allow opposition views to be expressEd. They did this in a very easy-to-see way when talking about Geert Wilders. One could hardly characterize his speech as “rantings” but they put it out there BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO BE CONSIDERED SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE so they’re scaring people into doing things against their own interest, kind of like herding cattle to the slaughterhouse. They are using fear of social derision, ostracization, and exclusion to get this done.

    Don’t get caught in their net.