Fact-Checking “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam” (Part 3)

Muslim hatred of us, the infidel, starts with Islam’s teachings

Today, sadly, again, we mourn the dead and suffering after yet another Muslim attack on us, the infidel, non-Muslims. Brussels, heart of Europe and home to thousands of Muslims, has become the site of the latest attack by Muslims against us, in this undisguised war which Muslims are carrying out against us, yet which we refuse to acknowledge as such.

“O Allah vanquish the unjust Christians and the criminal Jews, the unjust traitors; strike them with your wrath; make their lives hostage to misery; drape them with endless despair, unrelenting pain and unremitting ailment; fill their lives with sorrow and pain and end their lives in humiliation and oppression; inflict your tortures and punishments upon the unjust Christians and criminal Jews. This is our supplication, Allah; grant us our request!”

This HATE SPEECH is what is blasted to supplicants performing the circumnavigation of Mecca.

“O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred, and if there be of you a hundred (steadfast) they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are a folk without intelligence” (Koran 8:65)

The video below contrasts Christian prayers, asking for blessings on ALL PEOPLE, and Muslim prayer, begging Allah to kill and destroy and ‘freeze the blood in the veins’ of non-Muslims.

So. is it ANY wonder that Muslims keep killing us, day after day worldwide? We are the infidel who they are TAUGHT to hate by their Islamic leaders and prayers each day. Isn’t it time our ‘leaders’ admitted this and realised that Muslim immigration is incompatible with peace and harmony in the West. No contribution from Muslims in the West is worth the lives of innocents time and again.





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