We like labels. It saves us the trouble of thinking. Many people are called Democrats or Republicans without knowing what the label means. A person may have the label “Success” if he’s made a lot of money even if his life is a colossal failure.
A vague catch-all label is “Christian”.

Most Americans, if asked, “Are you a “Christian”? find it easy to answer, “Yes.” That’s because the label includes:

A. HEREDITARY “CHRISTIANS”. (People whose parents were “Christians” and who think they are also. They may attend church occasionally, or even regularly – especially the church of their parents.)

B. ETHICAL “CHRISTIANS”. People who are good. They live decent lives and want others to do so too. They like the Golden Rule that Jesus taught. They think that doing one’s best is all anyone can expect.

C. CULTURAL “CHRISTlANS”. People who live in a “ community or nation. They like the music and the ceremonies – especially to get married and buried with.)

D. SOCIAL “CHRISTIANS”. (People who like to meet their friends at church, like their children to make proper friends, and like the social activities. Businessmen find its good for business.)
E. TRUE “CHRISTlANS”. People who believe Christ Jesus is God’s Son who died on the cross to save them and accept Him as their Master and Lord). This last group may also have “Christian” parents, try to lead decent lives, go to church, and enjoy “ cultural and social activities. But they realize that none of these things makes a person a “Christian”.

A True “Christian” has experienced such a total change that it is called being born again!


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Author: James Emery
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a. knows that he/she is a sinner, separated from God.

b. realizes that he/she deserves eternal punishment in hell.

c. recognizes his/her guilt and repents of his/her sin.

d. knows he/she cannot save himself/herself by good works, but seeks help.

e. recognizes Jesus Christ as God Himself.

f. learns that God loves him/her so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to save him/her.

g. accepts the final payment that Jesus made for his/her sin when He died on the cross.

h. lives a thankful life for this salvation.

i. believes the Bible as God’s word.

j. acknowledges Jesus as his/her Lord and Master.

k. is possessed by the Holy Spirit.

l. loves others as God loves him/her.

m. looks forward to living with God forever.

excerpted from Silent Evangelist No. 333 tract, FPTL, Grand Rapids, MICH.