So many people have written so much about the terrorist attack in Paris that there is not any need  to enter in details or analyze how efficient- or inefficient- French Police was. Neither am I going  to focus on the pattern of the reaction on the part of our media and politicians; it went along the same boring line: first, we have been shown how all people in the world including people of Muslim countries pay tributes to the dead in the Paris terrorist attacks, with moving scenes of children putting flowers and candles on the steps of French Embassies. Second, politicians have promised how they will  avenge this crime: as  French Minister of Interior said, France would give a “merciless response” … Aha, sure, a merciless response…Flash mobs on Facebook and Twitter, and strictly peaceful manifestations under the slogans ” we are all French” or “they will not make us tremble”. Then our media have started that usual liberal chant about how terrorists are some infinitely marginal minority without any support among Muslims who practically unanimously condemn the attacks, and then the “main caliber” of leading European  politicians has stepped in, “explaining” to us stupid public, like Mr. Jean Clod Junker said, that “The one responsible for the attacks in Paris… he is a criminal and not a refugee and not an asylum seeker”. Only  ONE, you see, well, two, ok, a dozen – out of millions, while other Muslims are good and nice. Third, we have been reminded that we are humanists,  civilized and noble people, and that we cannot leave a Damsel in Distress… Oh, I beg your pardon, I mean we cannot leave millions of Muslim immigrants without a generous European welfare. And finally, Mr. Junker says he thinks there is no need to change Europe’s plan to accept millions of Muslim immigrants and we should not ” give in to these basic reactions”, because he, Jean Clod Junker, does not like it. So, shut up you sheep and do what you are told, or you will face Mr. Junker´s  terrible wrath.

And again, that old boring tune about  Islam being a religion of peace, that Muslims all over the world condemn terrorism and how  we must “keep our blood cold” and should not “stoop to violence”. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas called for “very, very great prudence, until things are clear”. “We are aware that the IS (Islamic State) is known to leave such false tracks behind to politicise and radicalise the issue over refugees in Europe,” Maas told public broadcaster ARD.

Both Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere and Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen came out over the weekend to urge caution against linking the attackers to the record influx of migrants to Europe.

“I would like to make this urgent plea to avoid drawing such swift links to the situation surrounding refugees,” de Maiziere said.

In plain words, in spite of ALL TERRORISTS BEING MUSLIM IMMIGANTS, we shall go on accepting in our countries millions of immigrants of hostile culture, taking care of not to offend their sensitive Islamic souls by celebrating Christmas, or just eating during their Muslim Ramaddan, or by serving pork in our schools; we shall go on giving priority to Muslim immigrants before our own citizens and we shall throw 70-years-old Germans from their social houses and settle Muslims in them, and we shall go on paying  fat social aid to Muslim women so that they could have 10 children who will substitute us in our own countries.

In these circumstances, who can tell me why Muslims should stop attacking us in our own home, if we respond to their attacks with the calls to demonstrate our tolerance and “humanism”, greeting potential terrorists with welcome smiles and providing them with transport, food, water, clothes to make their  voyage to our countries more comfortable?

Western Security and Police reports are very clear:  at least 5% of Muslims are radicals, and at least 10% more support their radical views. The number of Muslim “refugees” to Europe now is close to a million, which gives us 150,000  potential terrorists and their supporters. The number of those who were killed and  arrested after Paris attack is TWENTY. So, with our right hand, we arrest and kill twenty terrorists- while with our left hand, we bring to our countries 150,000 new ones. With such a pattern of “fighting terrorism”, when  Muslim terrorists will strike again is just a question of  time, and a very short time besides. Moreover, the frequency of the attacks and the number of victims will grow exponentially, together with the growth of the number of immigrants from Muslim countries

It´s only mathematics, nothing more.

However, what makes the situation almost hopeless is not a reaction of our governments; after all, governments can be changed. And that our journalists shamelessly lie to us is not something new either; not for nothing is journalism called the second oldest profession in the world, and that mainstream media are lackeys of the government will hardly make a breaking news. But governments and journalists working together have managed to brainwash us to such an extent that quite a lot of people in Europe and USA have lost guidelines. Bad becomes Good, a perversion like homosexuality becomes just another norm of sexual behavior, and those who say we must put an end to the invasion in disguise of an immigration are labelled“homophobes” “right-wing bigots” and “racists”. When people get killed by Muslim  immigrants but in spite of that welcome them, bring them food and water and say they are ready to go on doing so, it makes wonder if this people are sane.

So much  has been written and spoken about how  in the fight against evil, it is the simple courage of people standing together that will ultimately triumph and how we can win the battle against bandits armed with guns, grenades and suicide vests with peace, love and understanding.

These words sound great, they are nice to hear and read, they fill our souls with solemn pride ,  but there is a problem: it´s all lies.

Good doesn’t triumph over Evil by itself. And peace, love and understanding don’t stand much of a chance against  a barrage of bullets from a machine gun or a suicide bomber pressing the button. Good wins only if there are  lots of guns, tanks, bombs and before all, resolute men ready to fight for it and defend it.

The fact is very simple: radical Islam – and radicalism is the mainstream in Islam today- hates our civilization and wants to destroy it and  kill us. And no matter what we do: stop attacking them in Syria or Iraq, withdraw from Afghanistan and from Middle East in general, put an end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict…It will change nothing. They are fighting a religious war against us, and religious wars do not accept compromises.

And the only way to make them stop using violence against us is to use bigger violence against them. They must understand that they have no chances against us in war, and that a hundred of them will die for each one of us.

Our politicians can wring their hands and deliver fine, uplifting speeches as much as they want. The whole world can light up in the tricoleur and we can invent hashtags and change our Facebook or Twitter avatars until the end of time: it is all utterly pointless unless it is backed up by force.

Actually, the situation has reached a moment when we have to make a choice: to kill them or they will kill us.

We´ve played this game of “tolerance” and “ our moral duty is to help them” too long.

To go on playing it now and go on accepting millions of migrants from Muslim countries, no matter if they are “refugees” or not, is nothing but a suicidal madness.