Finally! At Least One Member of the Media Ready to Call ‘Migrant Crisis’ By Its True Name

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley recently traveled to Europe to visit some of the sites in Vienna, Salzburg, and Berlin where “refugees” are gathering. She shared her experience with the host of The O’Reilly Factor.

What she discovered going on in Europe disturbed her so deeply that she came away from the experience ready to finally stand with those in the minority who are unafraid to name this “migrant crisis” precisely what it is: an invasion.

She told O’Reilly:

“What I saw, Bill, is not a migrant crisis. This is an invasion.

Are there some folks who are trying to flee war and persecution in Syria? Probably. But what I saw backs up the stats that 80% of the people coming into Central Europe are fighting-age males. They are men between the ages of 18 and 45. I saw very few women and very few children.

…Upwards of ten to 12,000 of these Muslims are coming into the Vienna train station every single day. They have no intention of assimilating. I talked to a number of folks who are volunteers, International Red Cross, people on the ground trying to help them. What they have said is that there’s a security problem now in these communities where these camps are and where these transit points are. These men are carrying weapons.

They’re bringing weapons into the country — mostly knives — they’re threatening people who are trying to help them. There’s a security issue in terms of rapes happening there, child abuse, theft. So they’ve upped the military and police presence. But the Germans and Austrians I talked to who live close to these areas are saying “now our personal security is being threatened. Our wives can’t walk alone at night. We can’t send our kids on the buses to school because these roving gangs are moving all around.”

We can only hope that others in the media and government will come to their senses before it is too late.

You can see Monica Crowley’s segment on the O’Reilly factor here. She begins talking about the migrant crisis in Europe at 3:55.

Here is a Czech news report where a Czech doctor describes (via letter) the dangerous conditions in a German hospital as a result of the migrant crisis.