A very simple solution to our immigration problems…

(Original photo source unknown)
(Original photo source unknown)

By: Y.K. Cherson

Immigrants created the USA. It’s a fact nobody can deny. The United States is a developed and prosperous democratic country. So… immigration is good?

But immigration destroyed Rome. After Caracalla’s edict which granted Roman citizenship to all inhabitants of the Roman Empire, people from Eastern parts of this Empire poured into Rome- and just a hundred years later the history of Rome ended.

So… immigration is bad?

The answer is paradoxically simple: It depends on where the immigrants come from. The USA not was created by some “immigrants” in general; America was created and made what it is by immigrants from EUROPE; British, Irish, Germans, Italians, Scandinavians, Polish, etc. They were people of similar mentality and of similar faith. And this mentality and this faith came to America with them. They did not come to America to make it something radically different from Europe, and the difference between the US and, for instance, Switzerland, is much smaller than the difference between any European country and, let’s say, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, or, for example, Somalia.

A normal approach to immigration is: does this immigrant or group of immigrants contribute to the development of the country- or he is a burden?

Take Finland, for example. In general, immigration drains about 700 million Euros out of the budget of this country each year. But if we compare the results of immigration by country of origin, we shall see that an average German immigrant adds about 5,000 Euros to the Finnish budget yearly. And an average immigrant from Somalia every year takes 8,000 Euros out of it. What’s the sense in accepting immigrants from Somalia?

Norway Statistical Department (SSB) calculated that each immigrant costs 4.1 million Kronas to the budget. The number of immigrants to Norway in 2012 exceeded 15,000, and budget expenses on them were 63 billion Kronas.  If immigration remains at its current level, in 2015-2020, these expenses will grow to 2,900 billion Kronas.

But SSB went a bit further than just publishing the costs of immigration; it divided immigrants into “group of success” and “problem group”. In the successful group, we see immigrants from Sri Lanka, Chile, India, Bosnia, Vietnam, Thailand and Russia, where 64% are working. It’s not a brilliant result either, but still, this group contributes to the budget of the host country. And who are in the “problem group”? People from Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Morocco; all Muslim countries. Here the share of working immigrants is less than 40%. Why accept immigrants who do not work and who are a burden on the budget?

So, some immigrants are good for the country- while others are not. And those who are not are mostly immigrants from Muslim countries. It’s not racism or xenophobia; it’s just statistics, and it’s very sad that saying such an evident thing requires today some social courage.

What can be done to stop or limit the immigration from those countries whose citizens are in “problem groups” all over Europe? Politicians and journalists have been foaming about what should be done about immigration and in what exactly way  this “what” should be done for at least the last 10 years, presenting this as some problem that has no solution without some strict measures that will limit personal freedom and convert the democratic West into some Stalin’s Gulag. But the truth is very different.

There is no need to approve some draconian laws or put machine guns on the borders.  It’s enough just to limit the term of working contracts for immigrants from “problem group” countries, for example by five years. If the company fires such an immigrant, he will have the right to unemployment payments in accord with the country’s laws, but the time he is on such payment is included in the total time of his working visa; after that- goodbye, if you prefer to live on unemployment till your working visa  expires- you’re welcome.  And when it expires, the host country should not pay one cent of social aid to immigrants if they decide to stay in the country as illegals. By “one cent”, I mean exactly this: not a cent. No medicine, no school for their children, no social welfare and free rent, no allowances for their six children from four wives… Nothing.

And when they see they cannot milk Europe as a stupid cow anymore- they will leave by themselves.


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