I remember a time when our culture was very different. Our families, community, and religion took precedence over ourselves. Things were never perfect or even fair, but they were different. Here is some of what I remember.

I Remember a Time When…

journalists strived to report the truth, instead of playing advocate, and taking orders from political parties and politicians.

people did not fear waving the American flag, because it would offend someone.

the most prized pictures were those of loved ones and visited locations, and not ourselves.

there were only four channels available on our television, but the entire family watched it together.

the IRS’s job was to collect taxes, and not harass and investigate political opponents of the Executive branch.

people did what was best for their country, community, and family first and foremost before themselves.

it was expected that men who got women pregnant were responsible for them and their child.

fathers were necessary.

people had far fewer possessions, but possessed far greater gratitude.

teachers were neither perfect nor well-paid, but they were respected.

heroes were those who achieved something, and not just victims of society.

friends were people with whom you physically spent time, and not virtual friends on the internet.

the elderly were considered wiser than the young.

the goal in society was to lift people up morally, rather than lowering the moral standards to satisfy them.

Sunday was a day to visit relatives.

stores were closed on Sundays & holidays.

millionaire journalists and celebrities did not complain about those who made even more money.

children had both biological parents living at home.

unhappy people attempted to change themselves rather than change society and those around them.

people who came to the country illegally were considered lawbreakers, and not victims who deserved benefits paid for by citizens.

you were expected to delay immediate gratification by working hard and long, before acquiring what you wanted.

violence was literally acts of physical violence, and not merely words that hurt your feelings.

the word “hate” actually meant to hate someone, and not simply disagree with them.

television shows for children actually had the children learning the lesson – and not their parents.

morning news shows gave you news and not just entertainment.

we knew our neighbors.

we went to school, regardless of the weather.

parents were parents, and not buddies.

people believed in personal responsibility, and did not look to others to take care of them first.

television stations reminded you that it was 11 o’clock, and asked you if you knew where your children were.

How about you? What do you remember? I welcome others to contact me with your memories for a future article.

Source: I Remember a Time When… | The Soup of Life by Jim Schicatano