How have we fallen so far?


sheeple conceptIs it philosophically wise to dwell upon the morality of government? Are we frivolous and diverted from more serious concerns? Should we be reading poetry, watching TV, playing golf or listening to Mozart?

A discussion of the morality of government is more than an intellectual exercise. It has to do with understanding force and raw political power hidden behind the cleverest of disguises. Our perception of government morality directly relates to our quality of life and whether or not we pass human liberty to our heirs. There can be no perception of reality without inquiry into the nature of political authority. We must understand we are born into a system of thought that is rarely challenged.

More and more, we are beginning to feel the presence of authoritarianism. We are coerced into conformity and obeying the demands of “society.” We quite naturally feel oppressed. We know that there is deceptive manipulation of the public will. We know that subtle political forces are extracting our wealth and crushing our liberties under altruistic pretenses.

Political power in the United States is reckless. The political system is nothing less than mob rule. Private property is pillaged and destroyed, and the people are manipulated to support it. There is no “consent of the governed.”

Politics in America is not a party system. It is instead a repetitive and insulting process of pacifying the national will with the illusion of freedom and political choices.

Once we unmask the morality of criminal politics, we see a sophisticated process of using words and phrases to force upon us a social and moral ethic of conformity. In fact, our standard of mental health is nothing more than our complete submission to conformity. If we translate further, conformity means yielding to the morality of government authority without question. The “national interest” is a monopoly of demagogues and powercrats.

The answer for us is to inquire into government morality. Therein is revealed an unbelievable power system organized at every level to coerce us into self-sacrifice. We are pressed throughout our lives to believe that the shining path to utopia on Earth is built upon the fictions of egalitarianism and universalism. We should have faith in external authority with no thoughts of our own consciousness and personal well-being. A belief system of mysticism replaces rational thought.

But first, a little side trip is necessary to explain what I mean by universalism. Universalism is the belief that all men are or will be saved or redeemed, regardless of creed. It is the perfect religious system for deceiving people into political slavery because of its mass appeal to equality. In this way, universalism becomes a politico-religious organism. It is a comprehensive system for deceiving great masses of people. In the vision of utopian universalism, there are no races, colors, creeds nor standards of excellence.

Universalism organizes around and goes forward under similar ideologies ranging from humanitarianism to egalitarianism. These politico-religious ideologies are akin in their humanist depiction of men as victims of history, victims of other men and victims of God and in the belief in human progress or works as necessary to salvation. Universalism incorporates Islam, Judaism and all brotherhood religions in the religious sphere.

Universalism is socialism, communism and democracy in the political sphere. Only Christianity differs from these world religions, and only Christian families and communities founded on the truth can resist the deception and tyranny of universalism.

Universalism trumpets perfect freedom while resulting in total slavery. In the United States, universalism has led to superstitious and even barbaric beliefs and practices.

Homosexuality, bisexuality and polyamory are the new normal and are now codified into law by the lawless Supreme Court. These perversions are typically practiced around the world in cultures in which normal, healthful God-sanctioned relations between men and women are obliterated by pagan religions (e.g., Islam, Satanism, secular humanism). They are anathema to the Christian family as established by God: one man and one woman married for life, with children.

There is also a kind of fatalistic futurism among people which leads them to reject history, tradition, lineage and authority. Their behavior is fueled by the notion that this world either will not last much longer and/or that life in the world of their parents is forever lost or just not worth it. The state propaganda machine encourages this by flushing real history and heritage down the memory hole and replacing it with state-worshiping pseudo history.

The practical results of such beliefs are anarchy, barbarism and that which is promoted by the Council on Foreign Relations as “Third Worldism.” Third Worldism is the guiding principle of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, etc., presuming that if underdeveloped nations are provided with the wealth of the industrialized nations, all will prosper … all will be equal. One of the objectives of global democracy is to redistribute the wealth of the world in just this fashion, making all people everywhere absolutely equal. They want to distributeyour wealth, not the wealth of the ruling oligarchs.

The key question then becomes, “How do people come to accept universalism?” One of the means is by secular, civic glory. That is, public sporting and political events take on a religious fervor, much as they did in the French and Russian communist revolutions. Another is the constant onslaught of humanistic and perverse propaganda disguised as entertainment that emanates from the idiot box.

Moreover, traditional and scriptural Christianity is gradually forced out and suppressed through intimidation and oppression and substituted with the new, secular system. Christians are targeted and forced to mute any discussion of their value system in the public sphere, threatened with loss of livelihood and forced into indoctrination camps if they refuse to conform to the new conventional wisdom. Some recent examples of this are Brendan Eich, Phil Robertson, Jack Phillips, Barronelle Stutzman, Elaine Huguenin, Aaron and Melissa Klein, Robert and Cynthia Gifford, and the LeBlanc family in Minnesota.

Christians and nonChristians alike in today’s world accept government morality because they have acquired the same morality for themselves. Value relativism and universalism of thought have diminished in our lives the spiritual influence of the Holy Scriptures. We no longer know right from wrong; and in fact, right or wrong can now change from day to day, depending upon new conventional wisdom or how one feels at the time.

What was a sin and perversion yesterday is now not only state-sanctioned but state-promoted. Our senses are so dulled with altruistic propaganda that we no longer have an imperative to inquire. There is no distinction in our minds that our individual and personal identity is different or should be different from the crowd.

The crowd is a product of government force. But the individual is a creation of God. God’s truth remains true, regardless of what the state says or commands. The individual can resist the perversion of the truth, and the godly individual must do so.

Inquiry is more than a curious mind. It is a disturbance of thought when values and inalienable rights are challenged and violated.

Our enlightened and open-minded readers want useful, practical and survival information based on perceptive reality. They know that there is something that they don’t know, and they inquire because their values and property — their liberties — are threatened. They need a steady translation of the government and media hype. They know that their security is not in government, its fictions and illusions of reality. Nothing in the world could bring us faster command of happiness and survival than to understand the morality of government and its esoteric philosophy. To see the emperor without clothes is to see things as they really are.

What could be more degrading and insulting to our being than to imagine that we are free and never inquire? Yet we have allowed government mysticism to create an illusion of freedom that we have accepted as the real thing.

The agenda of government morality is to erase man as a rational individual, transfer his psyche into the programmed crowd with prescribed thinking of the herd mentality and “correct” behavior (or correct his behavior), then program his mind so that any influence outside of government morality is hostile environment.

The common herd mentality is a product of government force, though it is contrary to man’s nature, his personal desire to acquire wealth and security, and his requirements for happiness.

In February 2002 I wrote in The Bob Livingston Letter, (, subscription required), “Christians, in your smugness, arrogance, conceit and materialism, the time will come when you may be considered ‘a terrorist’ if you claim your faith, belong to a patriotic group or even a pro-life organization.”

My friends, we are there. I take no pleasure in being correct.