Google Proves Widespread Muslim Pedophilia


It is no secret that wherever Muslims go, massive sexual abuse follows, and especially with homosexuality and pedophilia. While there are homosexuals and pedophiles in every culture in the world, it is an unreported, understudied, and ignored problem. It is so widespread that it is impossible to ignore, which is why the US military tried to bansoldiers from talking about the problem in Afghanistan. However, because there have been so few in-depth studies done, it is hard to get an accurate “feel” for what the real numbers are.

Well, here at we have attempted a preliminary look into the twisted, perverse world of Muslim child sexual abuse with a unique tool: Google Trends.

For those who have not used it, Google Trends lets people look up words or phrases and lets you see:

a) how frequently something is searched for

b) how demand for a search changes over time

c) how searches compare in different geographical areas

While many statistics can be manipulated, it is harder with Google Trends because it simple presents basic information about the things people are searching for.

We searched for ten basic English-language phrases that would be associated with pedophilia and child molestation:

-sexy child

-sexy children

-sexy boy

-child sex

-boy sex

-man boy sex

-man girl sex

-child porn

-boy porn

-boy rape

Naturally, it is harder to get a comparison with countries that do not have English as their first language (i.e. Saudi Arabia). However, as far as the English speaking world is concerned, consider these charts a basic layout of how and where people are searching for these phrases. Results are ordered by geographic demand (how much a phrase is searched in a particular area). Muslim majority (>50%) are highlighted in bold text, and nations with large Muslim populations of over 10% but less than 50% (i.e. India) are highlighted initalicized text:

sexy child


1) Pakistan; 2) Bangladesh 3) India; 4) Iran; 5) Philippines; 6) Indonesia; 7) USA

sexy children


1) Pakistan; 2) India; 3) Egypt; 4) UK; 5) Australia; 6) USA; 7) Canada

sexy boy


1) Burma; 2) Pakistan; 3) Afghanistan; 4) Nepal; 5) Bangladesh; 6) Sri Lanka; 7)India

child sex


1) Bangladesh; 2) Sri Lanka; 3) Nepal; 4) Pakistan; 5) India; 6) Burma; 7) Philippines

boy sex


1) Pakistan; 2) Sri Lanka; 3) Cambodia; 4) Bangladesh; 5) India; 6) St. Helena; 7) Nepal

man boy sex


1) Pakistan; 2) Sri Lanka; 3) Bangladesh; 4) India; 5) Nigeria; 6) Bolivia; 7) Iraq

man girl sex


1) Pakistan; 2) Sri Lanka; 3) Burma; 4) Jamaica; 5) Nepal; 6) Ethiopia; 7) Bangladesh

child porn


1) Trinidad & Tobago; 2) Bangladesh; 3) Nepal; 4) Philippines; 5) Pakistan; 6) South Africa; 7) India

boy porn


1) Pakistan; 2) Mauritius; 3) Ethiopia; 4) Trinidad & Tobago; 5) Bangladesh; 6) India; 7)Sri Lanka

boy rape


1) Pakistan; 2) Sri Lanka; 3) Bangladesh; 4) India; 5) Bolivia; 6) Nigeria; 7) South Africa

Here is a chart comparing each phrase by placement per country:


A summarized breakdown of the raw data from these ten searches is as follows:

-26 countries were implicated

-Of the 26 countries, 13 (50%) had a Muslim population greater than 10%; 7 (31%) were “Western” nations (including South Africa)

Only five countries appeared in five or more categories (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka)

Nepal is the only country without a notable Muslim minority (less than 10%) to place in the top five

-Pakistan was the only country to appear in every category. Not only that, but in 7 out of 10 categories it took first place.

-India placed in all but one category, but never took first place in any category.

-Bangladesh also placed in all but one category, and took first place in one.

-Between India and Bangladesh’s nine categories which they scored in, Bangladesh averaged a ranking of 3.55, while India averaged a 4.77

-Sri Lanka appeared in only seven categories, but between those seven categories it ranks 3.28

No “Western” nation appeared in more than two categories at any given time.

-When compared with all categories, the “top five” nations with the greatest frequency of searches are: in order 1) Pakistan; 2) Bangladesh; 3) India; 4) Sri Lanka; 5) Nepal;

From these results, we can say that the numbers clearly show there is a definite interest in pedophilia, especially homosexual pedophilia, among south Asian men, noting that the top two are 95%+ Muslim majority, and the third and fourth with large Muslim populations.

Source *Article by Andrew Bieszad

Walid Shoebat is a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was converted to Christianity, and author of the book, God’s War on Terror.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.

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