Turning Away from God’s path

Regarding the killing of unborn babies, referenced above, the entire Old Testament tells about how Israel started worshiping other gods and sacrificing their kids, (so they could get ahead – have more choices), and then God really allowed them to be punished.

He started out allowing droughts, floods, hail, ice storms, earthquakes, really bad tornadoes, hurricanes and things now called “Mother Nature. When no one would listen, He would allow the Israelites be captured by other nations.

This could very well be what is happening to the United States right now. The word “captured”, could mean being in debt to other nations too. America is deeply in debt to China in the billions of dollars. China and other nations are purchasing American land. and businesses, as well as Canadian and speculate of moving entire communities here. If God says, “OK, here is the path – stay on it and you will be safe. I can protect you if you stay on this path”, and if America goes off that path, who is to blame? (See “Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan – now a Classic).

In some churches for a time, the leader would say “God is good”. And the people would reply “All the time”. The leader would say “All the time” and the people would respond “God is good”.
We cannot blame God for disaster when we as His people have gone off the path He has given us to walk. He does not send the severe weather, and other things mentioned above. These disastrous things are off the path He gave us.