Recently, J.I. Kahn heard a young woman on “outnumbered” say: “America is not at war with Islam”.

This individual apparently is married to a “Coptic Christian”. Her screen name is Powers or something like that.

I disagree.

As a follower of the three-in-one God with Jewish ties, I dislike being cursed five times a day by Muslims during their prayer times, which I believe are to the Moon-God/Satan as inherently symbolized by the crescent moon (representing moon-god worship for thousands of years). Interestingly, the name for the Moon-god  six hundred years after Jeshua Messiah, was Allilah.

So even though I don’t hate Muslims, it would appear I do hate Islam and am at war with it as a political ideology. It certainly is not a religion, unless you are a stupid politician. Other people seem to agree with me.