“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”  Isaiah 55:9 nkjv

NEED A BREAKTHROUGH.  TRY FASTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a blessing for following God in the spiritual disciplines, even though our flesh struggles.  There are also physical blessings for engaging with God in it.  One includes: a study that show promise for fasting before, through and after chemotherapy, affecting a noticable reduction of side effects following chemo.

According to Valter Longo, a cancer researcher from USC: during fasting, normal cells go into a hibernation-like survival mode, (making them highly resistant to stress), until the “lean period” ends. But cancerous tumors do not. They keep consuming and growing (also eating the chemotherapy).

In one of these studies, 10 cancer patients (with various cancers), who fasted voluntarily 48-140 hours before chemotherapy and 5-56 hours after it, experienced noticably reduced side effects of chemo.

For example, the first patient was a 51-year old lady with breast cancer.  For her first treatment, she received chemotherapy during a 140-hour fast.  After chemo, she was able to return to work and resume normal activities.  (side effects were minimized).

For the second and third rounds of chemo she did not fast, but ate food normally.  After chemo, she was unable to return to work.  The side effects were significantly increased.

For the fourth round of chemo, she fasted.  And again, the side effects were noticeably less.  (Also her white blood cell count, absolute neutrophil counts, and platelet counts were all highest after the fasting regimens.)

There are always blessings when we follow God… spiritually, relationally, or even physically.  Continue on. When the stomache growls, it’s God’s ways rather than our ways, are key! The blessing comes as we persevere.  (I challenge you to fast and pray a day a week… for things that are on God’s heart, such as our nation, and more…)

…Please pray for our leaders to protect life, as well!

For more information, you can visit:

http://news.usc.edu/31029/Cancer-Research-Findings-Explained/ about Valter Longo, a cancer researcher at USC.

http://www.marksdailyapple.com/fasting-cancer/#ixzz3hP6gfMgW  is easy to read.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2815756/   This is from the US National Library of Medicine site.

In Christ,

Kari Bitz Author/Founder

Cord of 3 Ministries