Florida: Nokomis pastor challenges Islam, Muslim faith

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Source: Nokomis church pastor challenges Islam, Muslim faith

Nokomis, Florida — The pastor of a Christian church in Nokomis is known for posting some controversial messages on its marquee and takes on Islam and the Muslim faith.

“Education is the key,” says K.C. McCay, pastor of The Congregational Church on Laurel Road.

The Congregational Church marquee shows a terrorist’s face with the question “Peaceful Islam?” followed by “Where is that in your book?”


McCay says, “Jesus was offensive. The truth is offensive. The truth is what people need to hear.”

McCay says America must get educated on the Quran’s message and the dangers and evils of Islam. He says, “They really believe it’s a peaceful religion and it’s not.”

McCay has been criticized of being intolerant of others. His response, “I am intolerant about the killing, murdering and destroying in the name of a god because our God does not say to do that.”

Does McCay believe all Muslims are bad? “I’m saying Muslims out there thinking they’re good they’re deceived it’s a deception. From our understanding there is nothing in the Quran says they are to live peacefully among us,” says McCay.

“We’re at war with Islam,” says Usama Dakdok.

McCay invited Usama Dakdok, a Christian minister raised in Egypt, to teach about the Quran’s message Wednesday night. Dakdok translated the Muslim holy book from Arabic. Dakkod runs The Straight Way of Grace Ministry.

“There are 79 verses in the Quran Allah commands Muslims who believe to engage in war with Infidels all non-Muslims,” says Dakdok.

CAIR says anti-Islam rhetoric like Donald Trump’s and others’ feeds into ISIS’s plan.

“His extreme anti-Muslim rhetoric is not only anti American but it’s also great recruiting material for ISIS because it reinforces their narrative,” says Hassan Shibly, CAIR in Tampa.

McCay adds, “They want us to think that talking about this is a bad thing. That’s what terror does, terror causes fear. Fear causes people to put their heads in the sand and wish it go away.”

Dakdok adds, “The only way they can survive to live in America is to lie. Muhammad taught Muslims it is lawful to lie.”

Dakdok says Muslim leaders deceive their own about the Muslim faith being a peace and loving faith.

Dakok says, “I believe Muslims are victims No. 1 of Islam and the rest of the world are victims No. 2. We must love the Muslim people to save them from this barbaric savage cult the cult of Islam.”